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2021 Natural Beauty Trends

Natural Skin Care Trends in 2021

As a natural cosmetics laboratory, we constantly watch the evolving environment of the skincare industry, where we are focused to purify it with natural products. In addition to staying up to date with leading experiments, we are aware of new and upcoming trends from conducting extensive R&D research in our own lab and listening to what consumers desire and need. Here we have revealed some of the natural skin care trends we expect to see in 2021.

We Embrace Natural Beauty

In 2021, we will see a big move towards embracing natural beauty. Many brands and influencers on social media; we are moving towards a positive movement using more pure natural products, more self-love and body-reconciliation, and we know this trend will continue!

Passion for Sustainability

Sustainability has become very important to many consumers in recent years, and we see that it continues and will become more popular in 2021. As a natural cosmetics laboratory that values ​​sustainability as the cornerstone of our business, we absolutely love having our sustainable natural skin care range. All-natural cosmetics are becoming more popular and more in demand. By using sustainable ingredients such as our main ingredient, Argan oil, and by supporting the cooperatives and peasants where these natural products are grown, we know that we can be confident that the crops we use can meet the demand and therefore protect our world. In 2021, you'll see more people be more selective about the ingredients in products, how they use them, and where they come from.

Multi-Use Products

We will definitely see many more “natural multi-use products” in 2021. For example, "Hare Organic Argan Oil Serum" produced in our laboratory is a natural multi-use product that you can use for your hand, face, body, leg, foot and most importantly hair care. We absolutely love the idea of ​​being able to combine many effects in one product. Argan Oil as a moisturizer that you can make your hands and face like cotton, Argan Oil as a perfect care for your cheeks and face, Argan Oil for your Neck, Decollete, Shoulder and Chest care; It can be annoying to repeat, but naturally, beautifying your entire body from your hair to the nail in a healthy way with these natural multi-use products is very trendy this year. Perfect for people who love natural bodycare, multifunctional products are always indispensable.

We Will See More Beauty Tools

Beauty tools and gadgets have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and we don't expect this to change anytime soon. The use of beauty tools is a great way to improve your skincare routine and help you be more efficient and effective. As the beauty tool craze becomes more popular, you can expect to see more variety in the product and a shift to more tech-centric products. Always pursue your first choice to keep your sensitivity about using natural ingredients.

Super Effective Natural Foods

People are now concerned not only with what they put on their bodies, but also with what they wear on their bodies. It's not surprising that some super-potent foods have outstanding skincare and haircare properties, such as argan fruit, that super-potent food ingredient has become very popular. Organic Argan oil is not only a great skincare ingredient, but also an excellent care ingredient for the hair. Organic Argan oil  is a great source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, high in fat and also rich in fiber. Other super effective food ingredients such as avocado, macadamia, grape seed, jojoba and our main active ingredient, argan fruit, are natural skin care products that you should keep in mind! We saw most of this trend in 2020 and will definitely continue into the new year.

Transparency in Formulation

In an age when everyone wants to be more conscious of the products they buy, the companies they support, and the ingredients they put on their skin or hair, transparency in formulation will become more and more popular. That's why we recommend using completely natural products such as Hare Organic Argan Oil or other selective organic botanicals produced by Hare™. Including information and scientific research on each ingredient used in all products, as well as information and transparency on content sourcing, will become much more common in 2021. Naturally, our laboratories always reveal their meticulousness about natural beauty products transparently from beginning to end.

Good will and Commitment to Justice

As our world becomes more connected and transparent, we all need to work together globally to support the causes that matter to us. We endeavor to present our products to you, without allowing any living creature to suffer cruelty, violence and injustice from the production to consumption of natural products. In the coming years, you will see more and more companies moving away from their persecution due to the cries from our society and the urge to move away from unnecessary practices such as animal testing or child labor. In 2020, we saw that many large companies adopted the principle of using the world's resources in good faith and fairness, and we could not be happier in this regard, because we are aware that we are trying to be a fair brand that has been trying to defend our happiness and natural rights since 2001!


Through research in the field of biochemistry, scientists can research and extract potent properties from biological sources. Not only does this refer to the resources currently used, but biochemists are now developing new skincare benefits of sources such as argan fruit every day. By applying this new knowledge to the skincare industry, biochemists can find environmentally sound and sustainable solutions for common skincare problems and help people make more environmentally and socially informed decisions. We hope 2021 will bring benefit, beauty and peace to the whole world.


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