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Acne and Black Spots

How can I get rid of Acne and Blackheads on my face?

You have black spots on your face. If you plan to get rid of it by squeezing it with nails, you are making a big mistake. Here you will find suggestions and methods to get rid of blackheads.
Acne, or medicinally known as acne, is one of the biggest problems young people experience during adolescence.
Acne, one of the most common skin problems, is almost the nightmare of young people. Acne, which mostly occurs on the cheeks, forehead and back, is a disease of the sebaceous glands.
Stating that acne is an indicator of unclean skin, experts draw attention to the importance of skin cleansing.
Dermatologists state that black spots are the symbol of oil and dirt formed under the skin. Stating that acne is seen as an inevitable consequence of adolescence, this problem can be prevented by cleaning the skin. They emphasize that black spots must be cleaned, “Black spots are the signs of a future acne. So if there is no black spot, there is no acne. " 
Expressing that especially the skin prone to acne should be cleaned daily with the help of tonic, doctors say that those with black spots on their face should take a steam bath. Stating that blackheads should not be tightened with nails, it would be beneficial for people with black spots on their skin to steam their faces under a towel for ten minutes.
Dermatologists explain that it is better to clean blackheads with ear cleaner without touching the skin after bathing, and they emphasize that a specialist should be consulted if there are many black spots on the skin.

Stating that acne formation can be prevented to a great extent with the right care, dermatologists continue: “Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands of the skin. When the ducts of the sebaceous glands opening to the skin are blocked, pimples occur.
The sebaceous glands secrete a substance called sebum. During puberty, sebum secretion increases and clogs the pores on the skin. Clogging of pores is the first stage of acne formation. " Expressing that after this stage, the pores expand and form black spots, dirt, soap and makeup residues, oil and dead cells accumulate in these areas and form acne.  People with acne problems should change their pillow every night so that they experience less acne problems.

Things to know about acne

Since the pH balance is disrupted in skin with acne, the most suitable pH 5.5 cleansers must be used.
Soap-shaped cleansers increase the formation of black spots. Therefore, gel-like products should be used.
Itchy or sore pimples can leave permanent marks on the skin.
Men with acne on their face should use an electric shaver instead of a razor.
Moisturizer should not be applied to acne skin immediately after washing the face.


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