How should skin care be in seasonal transitions?

Skin care is a process that requires attention and needs to be done correctly. However, in some periods, you need to make changes in your maintenance routine. You need to know your skin and understand how it reacts to weather changes, especially during seasonal changes. In this way, you can decide more easily which products you should take a break from your skin care routine or which products you should add to your care routine.

It is very important that the products used work harmoniously on your skin and that they can benefit your skin. The products you use should complement each other and nourish your skin to the lowest layers. It should also create a protection shield against external factors (sudden changing weather conditions). The skin, which is adequately nourished and whose moisture balance is under control, will adapt much more easily to the seasonal transitions. This will provide a much healthier skin against skin problems.

It may cause you to change the temperature maintenance routine, especially during the seasonal transitions. Apart from temperature, humidity, wind and even the angle of incidence of sun rays cause observable effects on our skin. As we move into the summer months, our skin increases sebum secretion and therefore it can cause proliferation in blackheads and pore problems. As the winter months pass, the complaints of dryness increase. Dehydrated skin may be unprotected against cold weather conditions. This can cause an increase in skin problems such as acne and acne.


Dry Skin Care in Seasons

Especially when entering the winter months, there may be a significant increase in skin dryness. This means your skin needs more moisture. Moisturizing cream should be used in these seasons. You should also moisturize your skin to the lower layers with serums containing hyaluronic acid. You need to use ingredients that refresh and calm your skin. It will help you with products such as tonic, washing gels used for skin cleansing.

Oily Skin Care in Seasons

Acne and acne problems may increase during the seasonal transitions when the blood flow slows down and the skin becomes vulnerable. You should use a moisturizing cream suitable for oily skin. In addition, you should not forget to care for your large pores during skin care. For oily skin, you should choose moisturizing creams that give intense moisture during the winter season. In the summer season, you should turn to gel moisturizers.

Sensitive Skin Care in Seasons

Sensitive skin requires careful care in all seasons. It is very important to keep the skin barrier strong at all times against skin problems such as skin flushing, stretching and eczema that may be caused by the sudden pressure of hot or cold air. You should establish a skin care routine that will regulate your skin's moisture, nourish your skin, and improve your overall health.

In order for your skin to have a healthy appearance, you should definitely choose care products suitable for your skin. In addition, the use of collagen mask, argan oil and sunscreen is important and very useful to support skin health.

We wish you healthy days…