Important Care Tips for Seasonal Transitions

We are now over the summer season and the weather continues to cool day by day. The skin is affected by different weather conditions in every season. So what kind of damage can changing weather conditions cause to our skin? During the transition of the seasons, our skin tries to repair the damage, but on the other hand, it continues to prepare itself for the conditions of the new season. This can make our skin look unhealthy, old and tired. During the seasons, dandruff and flaking in the hair, drying and cracking of the lips can be seen.

Especially in summer, our skin is very affected by the sun and hot weather. In the tanned and sun-exposed skin, the oil glands begin to work more as the effects of the sun decrease. Sensitivity, spots, acne and oil increase can be seen on our skin exposed to these situations. The skin is worn out due to the drying effect of hot weather and sun rays. This can cause skin irritation, redness and flaking. If you are experiencing these situations, you should definitely use moisturizing products. When choosing the moisturizer to be used, do not forget to choose products suitable for your skin type. In addition, brown spots may appear in the summer with the effect of the sun. If these stains are very common, you should use products that can be good for them.

Scalp is also affected by seasonal changes. With the cold weather, your scalp may become dry. Following this, dandruff and flaking may occur in the hair. To get rid of these problems, we recommend using SHAKİRA KERATIN COLLAGEN HYALURONIC ACID SHAMPOO. The most sensitive areas of our skin are the skin of the lips and around the eyes. Therefore, it is very normal for our lips to be affected by weather changes. For your chapped and dry lips, you can buy lip moisturizers from pharmacies or places that sell care products.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing acne, oiliness or blemishes problems, you should first consult a dermatologist. Remember, not everyone's skin type is the same, and the medicine, mask or cream someone else uses may show different reactions on your skin.

We wish you healthy days…