Information About Hair Dandruff

Dandruff is a problem that has been called “repeated problem” by doctors. Recurrence of symptoms is inevitable if regular treatment is not followed.

Hair dandruff is a hair problem that everyone can experience. After hair oiling, a solution is mostly sought for hair dandruff. There are many different reasons for the formation of dandruff. Environmental factors, some diseases, care products, styling agents (such as gel, wax), stress and genetic factors can cause dandruff in the hair.

Dry dandruff manifests itself as a rash on the scalp, hair length and especially on the shoulders. Your scalp may feel dry and tight. Oily dandruff is caused by oily scalp. Oily dandruff occurs with symptoms in the form of crusting and itching on the scalp.

If you prefer special care products for people with dandruff problems, it will help you solve the problem faster. When a care product is used regularly, you will see that it reduces dandruff over time. Using too many products can accumulate on your scalp, and you should remove excess and unnecessary products from your care routine.


If your dandruff problem is serious, wash your hair frequently. Hair and scalp should be kept as clean as possible. Recurrence of dandruff may occur due to care products that are not used regularly.

If your scalp is very itchy, this is an early warning of dandruff. Care should be taken, especially if your scalp's itching urges are increasing. As soon as the itching is noticed, you should definitely take your precautions, whether there is dandruff or not.

It is not good for your hair to be exposed to excessive heat while styling. Too much heat can dry out your scalp. You should minimize the use of products that produce excessive heat, such as hair straighteners and blow dryers.

We wish you healthy days…