Information About Nail Care

Nail care is very important for every person. Even if we don't notice, our nails show themselves when we shake hands with other people or talk about something, and people pay attention to your nails. Especially in women, the wiped ends of nail polishes do not go unnoticed by the people in front of you. Therefore, nail care should become a routine that should not be interrupted.

Nails are made of a protective substance called keratin. The main purpose of nails is to protect our fingers against impacts and to grasp objects. Nails are usually dark pink in color, hard, flexible and smooth. We use our nails a lot all day, so nail care is very important.

Since the nails are used all day long, they may break, nail polish may deteriorate, and even ailments such as fungus may occur in any distraction or carelessness. Therefore, regular nail care and determining what nails need should be the first priority.

Let's take a look at what should be considered in hand and foot nail care;

- If you are applying a lot of nail polish on your nails, you should take 2-3 day breaks at regular intervals. Your nails need to breathe.

- If you use dark nail polishes too often, they can cause your nails to turn yellow. That's why you should change your nail polish colors from time to time.

- Apply a coat of base on your nails before applying nail polish. You should use a polish or nail nourisher as a base.

-Be careful not to use alcohol-based lotions.

-Especially cleaning materials, external factors such as sun damage your nails. You should use gloves as much as possible while doing housework. When going out, you can protect your nails by applying sunscreen.

-You should cut your nails regularly.

-Our eating habits are very important for our entire body. Calcium, B vitamins and iron are especially important for our nails. They also nourish our nails. Don't forget to drink plenty of water, too.

- Get a professional manicure and pedicure on your nails once a month. Diseases such as nail fungus are caused by a lack of hygiene. Therefore, be sure of the hygiene of the beauty center you will go to.

- Take care of your nails at least once a week. Massage your fingers first, then finish with nail trimming, file trimming, pushing or picking cuticles.

We wish you healthy days…