Nail Health and Care

Nail health is a reflection of overall health and requires careful care. Here is some important information about nail health:
Balanced Nutrition: The body needs sufficient vitamins and minerals for healthy nails. Especially nutrients such as biotin, iron, zinc and vitamins A, C, E support nail health.
Moisturize: Nails are sensitive to dryness. Moisturizing your hands regularly can prevent nail breakage and cracking.
Cutting and Shaping: It is important to cut and shape the nails regularly. Cutting the nails without damaging their natural shape can help nails grow healthier.
Protection: Protecting your hands against chemicals can prevent nail damage. Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as cleaning agents.
Proper Nail Polish Use: Changing nail polishes and nail polishes regularly can help nails breathe and stay healthy.
Choosing Proper Shoes: Frequently wearing tight shoes can put pressure on the nails and negatively affect nail health. It is important to choose comfortable and appropriate shoes.
Professional Care: Regular nail care allows the specialist to evaluate your nail health and make recommendations.