Things to Do for Healthy Hair Growth

In general, women like long hair and men like short hair. Of course, the number of short-haired women and long-haired men is also quite high. However, if your hair is short and you have made a decision to lengthen it, you have to put a lot of effort into your hair during this time. The most important point for fast and easy hair growth is that your hair is healthy.

The use of silk pillowcases or silk headbands should be increased. Silk prevents hair from breaking and ensures healthier growth. It also prevents your hair from getting electrified. Normal pillowcases increase friction. That friction starts to wear out your hair after a certain period of time. You need to have your hair cut because of the fractures that may occur, and this prevents the healthy growth of the hair.

If the hair does not lose its moisture and oil, it can grow healthy. Classic towels absorb moisture and natural oils quickly and prevent the hair from being nourished. You should use a micro fiber towel and dry your hair without pressing too much. That way, you won't damage your hair. For healthy hair, moisture and oil ratio should not be lost. Washing hair every day is not a good situation. This damages the hair strands and causes them to dry out. You should pay attention to washing your hair every other day.


In order for the hair to grow healthier, the ends of the hair should not be broken. What needs to be done in this is to regularly cut the ends of your hair. If your hair does not have dandruff or greasy problems, your hair will grow faster and healthier. Since the hair grows from the roots, it is essential that the scalp is absolutely healthy. If these are the cases, you should first cleanse the hair without dandruff and oiliness. You should also use care products that are good for your hair.

Everyone can experience stress in their daily life. Not only for body health, but also for hair health, you should definitely reduce the stress rate in your life. When it comes to nutrition, of course, this has a very important place. Vitamin and antioxidant support that should be taken daily should not be forgotten. Moisture is very important for hair and plenty of water should be drunk during the day.

For those with long hair, it should be said that you should collect your hair without damaging it. Hair that is tied very tightly with hard hairpins will both cause you a headache and cause your hair to break. We recommend that you collect your hair loosely. You should gently massage your scalp with your fingertips every day. The blood circulation in that area accelerates and helps nourish your scalp.

While styling your hair (hair dryer etc.) it may be exposed to too much heat. For this, you should not expose your hair to too much heat. Also, combing is important for healthy hair. You must use the correct scanning method. One of the things you should pay attention to when combing your hair, start the combing process from the ends of the hair, then continue combing from the length and finally combing the bottoms.

Argan oil

Argan, one of the leading hair care oils of the last period, is used in hair care due to the Omega 6 and Omega 9, sterols, vitamin E, Feluric acid and strong antioxidants it contains. Applying to the roots of the hair or using products containing argan oil helps to nourish the hair.

We wish you healthy days.