What You Can Do for Post-Future Hair Loss

The standard is a really important hormonal ex. It is positive in this respect. There is a dark, beautiful life in life. But a few months after giving birth, some women suffer from postpartum hair loss because their hormones have returned to normal levels. For more information about it, you can read our article.

Is Post-Future Hair Loss Normal?

Everyone loses 50-100 strands of hair a day somehow. Hair loss three to six months before pregnancy is normal for women who have recently given birth. An undergraduate education called telogen. In this case pack, your hair shows a full year of normal fullness. Dermatologists describe this pack as balding. The shedding consists of height, which is very high in life, then falls.

Why is Hair Thicker and Healthier During Pregnancy?

Women often experience lush, thick hair when pregnant. This is partly due to an increase in certain hormones, such as estrogen. The extra hormones circulating in the blood cause shifts in the hair growth cycle, allowing the hair to stay in the growth phase longer so it doesn't fall out. Some research also suggests that hair shafts thicken during pregnancy, resulting in fuller-looking hair. Unfortunately, this ends after pregnancy when hormone levels return to normal. Hair that doesn't shed can start to fall out all of a sudden, leaving you with thinner-looking hair. Hair loss may be dramatic for some, while others may experience mild thinning.

What You Can Do About Postpartum Hair Loss

Life after having a baby can be stressful enough. Between insomnia and hormone fluctuations, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair thinning and falling out. The good news is you don't have to live with hair loss. You should try our natural oils and shampoos developed by our professional team to prevent women's hair loss in the most natural ways. Start using it today and get hair that feels great with our Argan Oil shampoos and our additive-free, all-natural nourishing oils for your hair!