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Hair Care Tips and Information

Hair Tips for Summer

Summer is in full swing! What could be better than flowery dresses and ice-cold lemonade on hot sunny days? This sounds like perfection if you ask me… But summer can bring some difficulties to our hair. Summer heat can damage our hair. It can give very oily scalp and even turn our hair green when in contact with chlorine

Painted Hair

Hair color is useful for adding vitality to your image, but a wrong step in the application and hair care process can damage your hair strands. Although there are application mistakes that come to mind first, it is also possible to find yourself with hair damaged by bleaching.

Dry Hair

No one wants dry hair to overshadow their beauty. To avoid this, the right hair care products including the best shampoo suitable for dry hair are a serious must. When using the best hair care products for dry hair, you are on your way to moisturized hair strands that look healthy and beautiful.

Thin Hair

If you've meticulously transformed your hair strands into a bouncy volume for attention after just a few hours and noticed your hair looking hopelessly limp, you're not alone. The good news is that with the right hair care products and styling tips, you can volumize thin and no-volume hair and stay that way.

Hair Care Serum and Hair Care Oil

Our job is getting more difficult when certain products look the same when doing hair care. Take hair serums and hair oils, for example. You will often be asked if the two are interchangeable or if you need both. Here we want to answer precisely what is the difference between serums and oils.

Hair Care Tips

It doesn't matter if your hair is frizzy, thin, oily, dry or any other type. HARE hair care secrets are universal. You may want to tailor your routine to your hair type, but knowing the basics of hair care is just as important as sorting out hair types. That's why we share our best hair care and styling secrets for everyone,

Hair Care with Argan Oil

Some of our most prized beauty secrets have been with us for years. Argan oil has been an ingredient in its home country of Morocco for centuries that has helped the health and beauty of skin and hair. Known as “liquid gold” with its rich color and raw power,


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