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Medical Terms A-K

What is ABDOMEN? : Belly, submerge.
What is ABORTUS? : Miscarriage, miscarriage.
What is ABSANS? : Short-term loss of consciousness.
What is ABSE? : Formation filled with pus from the surrounding tissues, limited to the pouch-like tissue.
What is ABSORPTION? Absorption, eg, digestion, can be said to be the absorption of food in the intestines.
What is ADRENALINE? : It is a hormone secreted by the inner parts of the adrenal glands. The task of this hormone in nature is to prepare the organism for immediate action, and it shows its effect in the form of a pulse, the delivery of blood from the internal organs and the skin to the muscles, the change of glycogen in the liver to glucose, and thus providing an urgent source of energy.
What is AFAKI? : No lenses in the eye.
What is AFAZI? : Loss of ability to speak or understand speech, as a result of damage to relevant areas of the brain. Dysphasia is a lighter form of the same situation.
What is APHRODISIAC? : Substances that increase sexual desire, the name given to drugs.
What is AFONY? : Loss of voice. It can be partial or complete. Causes of aphonia are disease or injury to the nerves that usually control speech muscles, throat, larynx diseases, or neurosis. The cause of hysterical aphonia is the subconscious desire not to speak at all or in a particular situation.
What is AGGLUTINATION? : In a liquid suspension, small particles come together and stick to each other.
What is AGORAFOBI? : It is an uncontrollable fear felt when alone in a wide, open field.
What is AGITATION? : The situation characterized by the person's aggression and excessive activity.
What is AGIT? : Uncomfortable, restless, exuberant.
What is ACNE? : It is a chronic skin disease related to sebaceous glands in the face, shoulders, back and chest. It is most common between the ages of 14-20, and the typical symptoms of this disease, such as black spots, pimples, often lead to psychological disturbances in these most sensitive periods of young people. A plug forms in the duct of the sebaceous glands and the head of this plug hardens and turns black. Sometimes, even though the duct is blocked, the gland continues to secrete oil, thus forming an oil-filled cyst. Comedones are black spots.
What is ACHONDROPLASIA? : It is a hereditary type of dwarfism with an unknown cause and no cure. The body is of normal size, the arms and legs are abnormally short and the head is larger than normal.
What is ACCOMMODATION? : Ensuring clear vision by adapting the optical system of the eye to various distances.
What is ACROMEGALIA? : It is a condition due to the excessive functioning of the anterior part of the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. If it occurs in early ages before the growth is completed and the elongation of the bones ends, a giant appearance called jigantism occurs. If the disorder begins after the end of the growing age, enlargement of the hands and feet, enlargement of the chin and nose, and a deepening of the voice are seen.
What is ACOUSTIC NERVE? : Auditory nerve.
What is AMBLYOPIA? : Amblyopia that occurs without a specific impairment in the eye.
What is AMNESIA? : Partial or complete loss of memory.
What is ANALGESIC? :Painkiller.
What is ANEMIA? In short, anemia, which is known as anemia among the people, is the low number of red blood cells and the low amount of the substance called hemoglobin in the red blood cells.
What is ANEMIC? : A person with low blood values, that is, low erythrocyte counts and hemoglobin in the blood count.
What is ANERGY? : Failure to respond to a specific antigen. Loss of the organism's defense ability.
What is ANESTHESIA? : Doctors give the patient an injection or inhalation gas before surgery to avoid pain during surgery. Anesthesia is the patient losing consciousness and falling asleep, thus becoming unable to hear the pain in his body, and the substances that cause this loss of sensation are called anesthetics.
What is ANXIETY? : Internal distress, internal constriction.
What is ANOSMİA? : Inability to smell can be seen in infections such as flu, flu, as well as pathologies in the brain area related to the olfactory nerve.
What is ANOREXIA? : Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological disorder that can be seen especially in young women, manifested by not eating, sleeping too little, yet being very active. This situation usually starts with the application of the regimen in an exaggerated way with the belief that the person is very fat, the appetite, which can be controlled before, really disappears after a while and the weight loss exceeds the normal measurements.
What is ENCEFALITE? :Encephalitis.
What is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY? : Substance, drug, which prevents inflammatory reaction ...
What is ANTISEPTIC? : It is one of the basic conditions of a healthy life to destroy microbes, that is, single-celled parasites such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause disease by settling in the tissues of humans, animals and plants. Many substances with different names such as antiseptic, antibiotics and disinfectants have been developed for this purpose. However, some properties and uses of all these substances, which are generally called "microbe" killers, are different.
HISTORY OF ANTISEPTICS: Centuries before the "germ theory" was invented, people used antiseptics without knowing why and how they worked. For example, keeping raw meat in the form of sausage by kneading with plenty of salt and spices, pickling vegetables in a concentrated salt and lemon or vinegar solution prevented the spoilage of these foods by destroying the bacteria to a great extent. Today's antiseptics are the products of Louis Pasteur's valuable work.
HOW DO ANTISEPTICS WORK? How chemical antiseptics are effective on microbes has not been fully explained. These substances can directly enter the germ cell and prevent their vital functions, as well as having a destructive effect by melting the outer membrane of the microbe cell. However, many antiseptics have the same effect on normal cells. Therefore, these substances should be used carefully. Some antiseptics when taken orally or injected into the body can lead to severe consequences or even death.
What is ANTISPASMODIC? : Spasm resolver, the name given to the drug group that dissolves the contractions of the smooth muscles in the internal organs.
What is ANTISTATIC? : A substance preventing static electricity build-up.
What is ANTITOXIC? : Toxin suppressant.
What is ANTITUSSIVE? : Cough suppressant.
What is ANTIVIRAL? : Effective against viruses, preventing harmful effects of viruses.
What is ANULAR? :Annular.
What is ANURIA? : Inability to urinate.
What is ANUS? : Breech, the end of the digestive tract.
What is AORTA? : The largest vein coming out of the heart, the arcuate part of the body after leaving the heart, is called the arcus aorta, the part that goes inside the chest is called the thoracic aorta, and the part that goes inside the abdomen is called the abdominal aorta.
What is AORTIC ANEURYSM? : Dilation seen in any part of the aortic vessel.
What is APANDICIDE? : Blind bowel (appendix) inflammation.
What is APATI? : Abnormal indifference, apathy, indifference to the environment.
What is APEKS? : Fly, peak, peak.
What is A PYROGEN? : Does not contain any substance that causes fever.
What is APNEA? : A temporary cessation of breathing.
What is APOPLEX? : Stroke, stroke.
What is ARACHNOID? : The thin membrane covering the brain.
What is ACETABULUM? : The depression where the head of the thigh bone joins with the hipbone
What is ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID? : Chemical name of commonly used and known aspirin.
What is ACIDOSIS? : Intoxication table resulting from deterioration in the acid-base balance of the organism towards the acid.
What is ASO? : Abbreviation for "antistreptolysin O". Streptolysin is the name of the toxin secreted by bacteria called "Hemolytic Streptococcus". The test performed to detect the presence of this toxin is called ASO for short. ASO increases in some Hemolytic Streptococcal infections such as rheumatism, so ASO values ​​are important in diagnosis.
What is ACHİLLE TENDON? : The structure (beam) that allows the muscle group in the back of the calf to join the heel bone and move the foot up and down.
What is ATROPINE? : It is an alkaloid obtained from the plant called Belladonna (Fine Avrat Grass). It has many different usage areas in medicine. For example, it is used in the examination of the fundus, to dilate the pupil, as well as to reduce secretions in the upper respiratory tract before anesthesia.
What is IMMUNITY? : It is the body's resistance against a specific microorganism. There are two types of immunity, active and passive. Active immunity occurs when the disease is passed on, even if it is very mild. Disease-causing organisms induce antibody reactions in the body and these reactions, in some cases, continue lifelong. Passive immunity, on the other hand, occurs by infusing the body with microbes that are capable of inducing an antibody reaction, but whose strength is reduced or changed.
What is BACTERIA? : They are unicellular microorganisms. These are smaller than Mushrooms but bigger than Viruses. Some are pathogenic, some are harmless; Some bacteria are useful: For example, soil nitrogen-forming bacteria. Bacteria can be classified according to their shapes: Caucuses are round, bacillus are rod-like, vibrios are comma-shaped, spirillums are wavy.
What is BACTERIA? : It is the name of the clinical picture with fever and chills caused by the passage of bacteria or bacterial toxins into the blood. It is used synonymously with septicemia.
What is BALLISMUS? : Involuntary, violent, throwing movements of the arms and legs. If this condition occurs in the half of the body, it is called "hemiballismus".
What is BANDAJ? : A piece of fabric that is used to bandage the wound or to keep the gases and fixing boards in place.
What are BARBITURATES? : They are substances that have narcotic effects on the nervous system.
What is BASIL? : They are club-shaped microorganisms. For example, the causative agent of Tuberculosis is a bacill called Koch.
What is BASAL METABOLISM? : It is the amount of energy consumed at rest, calculated according to the body surface unit. Body surface is calculated from the person's height and weight. Basal metabolism increases in the overwork of the thyroid gland.
What is the STOMACH? : The part of the trunk between the chest and pelvis regions. Separated from the chest by the diaphragm forming a muscle compartment, the abdomen has continuity with the pelvic cavity in the lower part.
What is BELL PARALYSIS? : Facial nerve palsy.
What is BENCE-JONES PROTEIN? : A type of protein excreted in the urine in diseases involving the bone marrow such as myelomatosis.
What is BENIGN? :Benign.
What is BERIBERI? : A severe polyneuritis that occurs in vitamin B deficiency.
What is BICONCAVE? : Concave, concave or hollow on both surfaces.
What is BIFID? : Divided into two parts, forked, slot.
What is BIFURCATION? : Separation into two branches.
What is BİLATERAL? : Belonging to both sides, bilateral.
What is BILIRUBIN? : Red dye released from the breakdown of hemoglobin.
What is BİLİRUBİNEMİA? : Increased bilirubin in the blood.
What is BIOPSY? : Taking a small piece of a living tissue for examination.
What is BISEXUAL? : Bisexual, both male and female.
What is BLEFARIT? : Inflammation of the eyelids, especially the rim.
What is BONE? :Bone.
What is BOTULISMUS? : Poisoning by Bacillus Botulismus toxins.
What is BRACHIALGIA? : Arm pain.
What is BRADYCARDIA? : The decrease in the heart's beats per minute.
What is BRONCHIOLITIS? : Inflammation of the bronchioles, the smallest functional units of the respiratory system.
What is BUL? : Fluid-filled blisters on the skin. Their diameter is larger than 0.5 cm. The smaller ones are called vesicles.
What is BÜLLÖZ? : Lesion consisting of bulbs.
What is CADUCEUS? : It is the staff of Mercury, the messenger of God in mythology. It is the symbol of the US military medical staff and is different from the Eskülap staff, which is the symbol of medical science. There are two snakes around the Mercury staff, and a snake in Eskülap.
What is CAISSON DISEASE? :Haul. Occurs due to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure in divers and very rising aviators.
What is CALCANEUS? :Heel bone.
What is CANDIDA? : A type of mushroom.
What is SURGERY? : Tissue fluid that contains inflammatory products such as red blood cells, bacteria, and destroyed tissue debris.
What is SURGERY? : It is one of the oldest branches of medicine. It is based on repairing diseases, injuries, structural defects in the body that cannot be cured by medication or other treatment methods, or healing by cutting the diseased organ.
What is CERUMEN? : Earwax. It is the waxy secretion normally found in the human ear. An excess of this epidemic leads to ear congestion and temporary deafness.
What is CESTODIASIS? : Flatworm infection.
What is CLAVİCULA? :Collarbone.
What is COR? :Heart.
What is COXAE? :Hipbone.
What is Caecum? : It is the pouch where the small intestine meets the thick intestine. Inflammation, ulceration and cancer can be seen in this region.
What is CIBAN (FISTULA)? Boils are infections of sweat glands or hair sacs on the skin.
What is FLOWER? : It is an acute, infectious disease. People of all ages and all sexes can get this disease. There are two types: Variola major and variola minor.
What is UNC? Small spots on the skin that appear as a result of exposure to the sun. These are more like localized sunburn and are the accumulation of melanin pigment commonly seen in blondes or redheads.
What is DACRYOADENITIS ?: Lacrimal gland inflammation.
What is DACRYOCYSTITIS?: Lacrimal inflammation.
What is DACRYOCYSTECTOMY? : Surgical removal of the tear sac.
What is DACRYOCYSTOGRAPHY?: Radiological examination of the lacrimal sac and duct with contrast material.
What is DACRYOCYSTORHINOSTOMY?: Surgery applied in cases where the tear duct is obstructed and provides the diaphragm of the sac to the nasal cavity.
What is DACRYOLITH?: Tear stone.
What is DALTONISM ?: Color blindness.
What is DEBILITY ?: Mental retardation.
What is DEFECATION?: The expulsion of stool.
What is DEFECT?: Deficiency, flaw.
What is DEFIBRILLATOR?: A tool that stops the heart's abnormal beats and returns to normal heart rhythm.
What is DEFLORATION?: Rupture of the hymen.
What is DEFORMITY ?: Deformity.
What is DEFORMATION ?: Do not deform.
What is DEKÜBİTİS?: Wounds on the back and hips caused by inactivity in bedridden patients.
What is DECOMPRESSION?: Removal of the force or pressure that puts pressure.
What is DECONGESTANT?: Decongestive, reducing congestion (swelling).
What is DELIRIUM?: The name given to the picture of loss of consciousness with tremors, hallucinations and aggression, which can be seen in poisoning, febrile diseases, epilepsy, hysteria and mental illness.
What Is Dementia?: There are several forms of Dementia: Senile Dementia, Presenile Dementia, Toxic Dementia.
What is DEMONSTRATION ?: Teaching by showing.
What is DEGENERATION?: Disruption of the normal structures of tissues and becoming unable to perform their normal functions.
What is DEMORALIZATION?: Moral collapse.
What is DEMYELINATION?: Loss of the myelin layer surrounding nerve fibers.
What is DENSIMETER?: Density measuring device.
What is DEONTOLOGY?: Moral and moral values ​​that are foreseen to be followed in the relationships between people in the same profession.
What is DEPILATION?: The process of removing the bristles.
What is DEPRESSION?: Mental and physical depression, reluctance.
What is DERMABRASION?: The scraping process performed to remove moles or scars on the skin.
What is DERMATITIS?: Inflammatory condition of the skin.
What is DERMATOLOGY?: The branch of science that examines skin diseases.
What is DERMIS?: The layer under the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin, is called the dermis.
What is ABR?: It is the death of the fetus before the 28th week of pregnancy and the expulsion of the uterus.
What is EDEMA ?: Edema, abnormal accumulation of water outside the cell in any part of the body.
E.E.G What is it ?: Abbreviation for the word electroencephalography.
What is EFFECT ?: Effect, effect.
What is EFFECTIVE ?: Effective, effective.
What is EFERVESAN?: When thrown into water, it foams and melts by removing small gas bubbles.
What is EFFUSION?: Fluid accumulation in body cavities or tissue. "Pleural effusion" is the accumulation of fluid between two pleural leaves.
E.K.G What is it ?: Abbreviation for electrocardiogram.
What is EKINOKOK ?: Dogs and wolves are a parasite rarely found in cats and their larvae grow in mammals and cause hydatid cysts.
What is ECLAMPSIA?: Seizures characterized by high blood pressure, edema and protein increase in urine in advanced pregnancies or immediately after birth, and loss of consciousness if precautions are not taken.
What is EKO?: Echo.
What is ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY?: An ultrasonic method used in the diagnosis of the cardiovascular system.
What is ECHOCARDIOGRAM?: Chart obtained through echocardiography.
What is ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM?: Chart of the brain obtained by echoencephalography.
What is ECHOLALIA?: The patient repeats the words spoken to him in a meaningless way.
What is EXCISION?: Removal of a tissue.
What is ECTASIA ?: Dilation. Ex. Bronchiectasis.
What is EKTODERM?: Outermost layer of the skin.
What is ECTOPY?: The situation in which any organ is in another part of the body rather than where it should be located normally.
What is ECTROPION?: Curving of the free edges of the eyelids to the outside.
What is ECZEMA?: It is a psychosomatic skin disorder with symptoms such as skin rash, swelling, vesicles, itching. There are Wet and Dry eczema types as well as acute and chronic.
What is ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY?: Graphical representation of the electrical activities of the brain.
What is ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY?: Graphical representation of the activities of the heart muscle.
What is ENDOCRINOLOGY?: It is a branch of medicine that examines the functions of the endocrine glands, diseases caused by abnormal work and their treatments.
What is ENDOCRINOLOG?: Person who is expert in the structure, pathologies and treatment of the endocrine system.
What is ENCEPHALON ?: Brain.
What is INVASION?: Spread, for example, when a tumor in the skull is invaded into the brain tissue, it is meant to spread the tumor to the brain.
What is EPITHEL?: Cell layer covering organ and body surfaces.
What is EROSION ?: Epithelial loss in a limited area, superficial wounds in the skin or mucosa. For example; Cervical erosion is known as a wound in the cervix among the people.
What are FALLOPIAN TUBES?: Each approximately 10 ar cm. are two tubes in length that extend from the upper corners of the uterus to the ovaries. It is also called Tuba, Uterine or Uterus tubes.
What is FALLOT'S TETRALOGY?: The name given to a congenital anomaly of the heart.
What is FALX CEREBRY?: The thick membrane that separates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which is named because it resembles a sickle.
What is FAMILY ?: Hereditary, hereditary, hereditary.
What is FARİNKS?: Yutak.
What is the FACIAL NERVE ?: Facial nerve, seventh pair of heads.
What is FACIAL PARALYSIS?: Facial nerve palsy, in paralysis of this nerve, half of the face remains partially motionless and expressionless. There are two types, Central and Peripheral.
What is FAT ?: Fat.
What is FATAL ?: Fatal, fatal.
What is FEBRILE?: Feverish, frenetic.
What is FEKALITE?: Stool stone formed as a result of hardening of some stool in the intestine.
What is FECES?: Feces.
What is FEMUR?: Thigh bone.
What is FERMENT?: Substances found in the secretions of some organs and affecting chemical changes.
What is FERMENTATION ?: Fermentation.
What is FERRITIN?: The form of iron element stored in the body.
What is FERTİL?: Having the ability to develop, capable of giving birth.
What is FERTILITY ?: Fertility, productivity.
What is FETUS?: The name given to the creature in the womb during the period from the beginning of the third pregnancy month to the birth.
What is FETAL?: It belongs to Fetus.
What is FIBRIN?: A substance in the form of albumin that helps blood coagulate.
What is FIBRINEMI?: The presence of fibrin in the blood.
What is FIBRIN URIA ?: Fibrin in urine.
What is FIBROM?: Benign connective tissue growth.
What is FIBRO-SARKOM?: Malignant tumor of the connective tissue.
What is FIBROS?: Fiber texture
What is FIBULA?: It is the outer part of the two bones in the leg. It joins with the tibia at the top, does not enter the knee joint structure, and joins the ankle joint at the bottom.
What is FİLARIA?: Pinworm type parasite that lives in the blood and tissues of vertebrates. It causes a condition called elephantiasis.
What is the PHRENIC NERVE ?: It is the nerve of the diaphragm that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.
What is GALAKTIKI?: The presence of milk in the blood.
What is GALACTOCELE ?: Milk-filled cyst in the breast.
What is GALAKTORE?: Spontaneous milk coming from the breast.
What is GALAKTOZ?: Milk sugar.
What is GALACTOZURY?: Galactose in the urine in pregnant women.
What is GALACTURY?: The appearance of urine as milk.
What is GANGLION?: Lymph gland, the name given to some small tumors.
What is GANGRENE?: It is the death of tissue, but it is understood that a limb dies while attached to the body.
What is GASTRIT ?: Gastroenteritis.
What is GASTRODUODENITIS ?: Inflammation of the stomach and duodenum.
What is GASTROENTERITIS ?: Gastrointestinal inflammation with diarrhea.
What is GASTROENTEROLOGY?: Knowledge of stomach and intestinal diseases.
What is GASTROENTEROLOGY?: Gastrointestinal diseases specialist.
What is GASTROSCOPY?: Visually examining the stomach with a camera swallowed by the patient.
What is GASTROINTESTINAL?: Stomach - intestine.
What is GASTROLIT?: Stomach stone.
What is GASTROMEGALY ?: Enlargement of the stomach.
What is GASTRONOMY?: The science of eating well.
What is GASTROPTOSIS?: Low stomach.
What is GIARDIA?: It is one of the single-celled organisms. Its main name is Giardia Lamblialis and it settles in the digestive system.
What is GIARDIASIS?: A disease caused by microorganism called Giardia Intestinalis.
What is HABITÜEL? : Need, depends on habit.
What is HALLUCINATION? : Perceiving things that are not real.
What is HALLUKS? :Big toe.
What is HALOTAN? : An anesthetic substance.
What is HAMARTOM? : Tumor that occurs in newly formed blood vessels.
What is HAMARTROZ? : Blood filling the joint space.
What is Hashish? : Marijuana, poppy.
What is HEMATOMA? : Blood accumulation in or between the organ.
What is HEMORRHAGE? :Bleeding.
What is HEMAGGLUTINATION? : Agglutination of blood corpuscles.
What is HEMANGIECTASIS? : Dilation of blood vessels.
What is HEMANGIOM? : They arise from blood vessels.
What is HEMATEMEZ? : Vomiting blood.
What is HEMATOCEL? : Blood accumulation in testicular bags.
What is HEMATOLOGY? : Blood diseases specialist.
What is HEMATOMA? : Bleeding in the spinal cord.
What is HERPES? : Herpes, fluid-filled vesicle.
What is HERPES SİMPLEX? Viral infection with diffuse, small, fluid-filled formations in various skin and mucous areas caused by the virus of the same name.
What is HILER? : It belongs to Hilus. For example, when Hilar Lymphadenopathy is mentioned, growth in lymph nodes adjacent to Hilus is understood.
What is HILUS? : Entrance gate of large vessels and nerves in organs, respiratory tract in lungs.
What is HYPERCHROMASIA? : Indicating an excess of pigment.
What is HYPOPHYSIS? : It is a gland that secretes hormones in the area of ​​the brain base that fits the upper part of the back of the nose.
What is HIPOSPADIAS? : It is a congenital deformity of the penis. It is the situation where the hole of the urethra, which is the last part of the urethra, is not in its normal place, but somewhere on the lower face of the penis.
What is NEEDS? : A disease manifested by the skin being flaky and dry.
What is IDIOPATHIC? : A reason for its occurrence cannot be shown.
What is ICTER? :Jaundice.
What is IKTUS? :Stroke. coup.
What is IDIOT? : Born stupid.
What is ILEITIS? : Small bowel inflammation.
What is ILEUM? : The last part of the small intestine.
What is ILEUS? : Intestinal obstruction.
What is ILLUSION? : Perception of external visual warnings different from what they are.
What is İMBECİLE? :Idiot.
What is IMITATION? :Imitation.
What is IMMATURE? :Rudimentary.
What is IMMINENT? :Threatening.
What is IMMINENT ABORTUS? : Pregnancy threatened by miscarriage.
What is IMMOBIL? :Still.
What is IMMUNE? : Immune, free from infectious disease.
What is IMMUNITY? : Immunity, exemption.
What is IMMUNIZATION? : Immunize.
What is IMMUNOLOGY? : The science that studies immunity.
What is IMMUNOLOGY? : Immune expert.
What is INFLAMMATION? : The body has shown against various microbial agents or toxins; Inflammatory reaction characterized by fever, redness.
What is INTERMEDIER? : Occurring, occurring.
What is INTRAEPITELİAL? : Inside the epital cells.
What is CROCOSMIA? :Stink.
What is KALYUM? :Potassium.
What is CARDIAC? : It belongs to the heart.
What is KARINA? : The part of the trachea (windpipe) divided into two before entering the right and left lungs.
What is KAŞEKSI? : Severe weakening of the general health condition.
What is CATABOLISM? : Higher compositions of substances are burned in tissues to form substances in simpler ingredients.
What is KELOID? : It is the formation of excess scar tissue at an old incision or surgery site.
What is KERATIN? : Main ingredient of nail and horn.
What is KERATINIZATION? : Cuckolding.
What is KERATITIS? : Corneal inflammation.
What is KERATOMA? :Callus.
What is KERATOMETER? : Instrument used to measure corneal curves.
What is KERATOPLASTY? : Surgery to replace the matted cornea with a cornea taken from someone else.
What is KERATOSCOPE? : Cornea examination instrument.
What is KERNICTERUS? : It is the toxic degeneration of some nuclei of the brain in the newborn's severe icterus. Mental retardation and spasticity may be seen in the child.
What is KETONEMIA? : Ketone bodies in the blood.
What is KETONURIA? : Ketone removal with urine.
What is KIZAMIK? : It is an epidemic viral disease of childhood.
What is KYPHOSIS? : The opening of the spine is the name given to the forward-facing kanbur.
What is CYST? : Liquid-filled formations surrounded by a membrane (membrane). The various sizes can occur on each side of the body.
What is KIST HIDATIK? : Cysts in some organs (mostly liver, lung, brain) caused by parasites called echinococcus with a clear water appearance.
What is KIST SEBASE? : Cysts formed under the skin as a result of the growth of sebaceous glands.
What is CLAUSTROPHOBIA? : It is a reaction to fear of closed places for no reason.
What is KLEPTOMANIA? : It is the name given to the pathological stealing impulse without its need.
What is KOCH BASIL? : The name given to the tuberculosis bacillus in reference to the name of the finder.
What is CHOLESTEROL? : It is a substance found in animal and vegetable oils and synthesized by the liver. If it is present in the blood more than normal, it causes arteriosclerosis, and sometimes it combines with bile pigments and plays a role in the formation of gallstones.
What is KORPUS? :Body.
What is CURTAJ? : The literal meaning of curettage is to scratch. But the abortion mentioned here is meant by medical intervention of the fetus in the uterus in small pregnancies. Abortion may also be performed for diagnostic purposes. In other words, taking a sample from the inner wall of the uterus and examining it is called curettage.


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