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Perfect Skin

What do we need for a perfect skin? What is Skin Detox?

Singer Beyonce and actress Gwyneth Paltrow are the first names that come to mind when it comes to skin detox. What these celebrities pay attention to as they strive hard to preserve their beauty. Many people around the world have discovered how important detox is to preserve skin and body beauty. What is the reason? The reason for this is that those who want to look beautiful and especially celebrities do not have a chance to be seen on the street with their black spots and pimples, especially if you are shown close-up on the screen, they do not tolerate it. The effect of detox on skin and beauty has gained considerable importance especially after the connection of the liver with the skin has emerged. A healthy liver free of toxins is essential for a beautiful skin and body.
From a medical perspective, detox is nothing new. Sweating of the body is the most basic detox method and removes toxins from the body. This is why sports are so important. Have you ever thought that you made your skin beautiful by exercising?
Since the skin uses the sebaceous glands while removing toxins, acne formation may come with it. So let's observe what is the best method for detoxing and cleansing.
The element that will change the appearance of the skin in the fastest way is diet, that is, nutrition.
* Drinking ionized water helps to remove toxins from the body, and helps prevent spot rash and itching. In addition, it prevents foods such as red meat, refined foods and sugary foods, fried foods and trans fat from being extremely harmful.
* Cleansing and purifying teas are also very useful for detoxification. Some of those; green tea, ginger, nettle.
* The main detoxifying foods are those containing high beta carotene as fruits and vegetables, mineral-containing foods such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, silica, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and finally foods containing omega 3 - 6.

So Is Sauna Good For Detox?

Sauna is one of the best methods to purify the body. Each session is 20 minutes. Entering the sauna 2-3 times a week will make an incredible difference on the skin. There are some other methods available in your detox program. For example, by adding mineral sea salt, dead sea salt and a few drops of lavender / neroli oil to your program, you can achieve perfect skin.
Herbal essential oils are very important both as skin beauty, acne treatment and antioxidant. Oils such as chamomile, lavender, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood, centaury, eucalyptus, peppermint have many benefits and should be included in the detox program.
Facial massage and natural acid peeling are applications that neutralize and purify the skin. They are preferred by many people. Applications such as dry skin cleansing brushes, skin detox tapes, foot detox device on your skin allow toxins to be removed from the pores. You can find such products in natural product stores.
Some doctors emphasize that a full detox cycle once a year is absolutely necessary to optimize health. Especially in today's world, we are exposed to toxins and chemicals more and more every day. Our lifestyle triggers stress, and this brings health problems.
Elements such as rest, meditation, and yoga can be added to a healthy detox program. When making a plan about your health, get expert help by consulting a doctor, a nutritionist / dietician for your diet and detox diet. Do not forget that in our age when the internet manages information, not every information you access on the internet may be suitable for you.
Fasting is included in almost all detox programs worldwide. Fasting, which is considered religious in some regions, traditional in some regions and scientifically accepted in some regions, enables the organs of our body to rest and to remove toxins. Problems in our blood, circulatory system, nervous system and the whole body can be solved with hunger. Balanced and small meals, drinking at least 8 or more glasses of water on top of that, drinking herbal teas for detox support both relax the body and are the summary of a healthy detox program. In a short time, you will be surprised by the positive reactions from your environment.

Purify Your Nutrition

With a healthy diet, it is possible to purify, get rid of acne, tighten your skin and even make your smile beautiful. Let's talk about some of the nutritional styles you should pay attention to.
Choose your proteins carefully. Traditionally produced red meat, dairy products, chicken products increase the amount of toxins in the body with agricultural and animal drugs that can be harmful in hormonal terms. Using organic products whenever possible ensures that the skin is healthier.
Adjust your sugar consumption. Refined sugar leads to a condition called glycation, which damages two enzymes, collagen and elastin, responsible for the youthful and beauty of the skin.

Consume for alkalinity (alkalinity). Cleansing the body is not just about not eating. Balances overly acidic bodies when skin and hair are fed with alkaline foods; Some alkaline foods are parsley, almonds, pears, lemons, apples, and cabbage. With an unbalanced diet, the excessively acidic body reduces the absorption of alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are essential for healthy bones, hair and teeth. Balance your fennel in alkali (basic) and acidic terms.


Purify Your Skin and Your Look

Once you have your internal nutrition in order, it is time to rejuvenate your skin and appearance. With the strengthening of the sun's rays, the skin naturally thickens thanks to oil and dead cells. Spring is the right time for a deep cleansing, don't miss it.
Use clay. Use a Shakira Collagen Keratin Pink Clay Mask for a layer of sebum oil that clogs the pores and heavy metals that dry the skin.
Do peeling daily. Instead of rubbing and irritating your skin harshly every week, try light exfoliation and exfoliation, called exfoliation, on a daily basis.
Keep your skin smooth. Once you have clean and smooth skin, protect it with moisturizer and sunscreen. Use quality products that contain antioxidants and nutrients.


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