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Letter from the CEO to You


People, animals, plants, and our planet… These are more important than profit. This seemingly simple principle is the foundation on which Naturel Labs is built. The philosophy that has guided us every day for 20 years and counting. In these unprecedented times, when communities around the world are buffeted on all sides by global warming, catastrophies  and pandemic, this statement continues to be our guide. It is the heart of what we do and the core of why we advocate so fiercely for sustainable organic and natural cosmetics, as well as agriculture, native plants, and fair trade.

At the end of the day, sustainable quality of life hinges delicately on how we take care of our planet: how we tend to our watersheds; how we nurture our soils, water, and air; how we grow and distribute the wealth,  the food we eat and the botanicals we love. This is why we are unwaveringly committed to sharing, to  rigorous quality testing on all our products, why we invest in our properties with solar energy, and to support our farmers and village women, with cooperatives who share their life with us and provide us with the best of raw materials. It is why we worked hard to become Turkey’s first Ecocert Organic Certified cosmetics laboratory in 2012.

At Naturel Laboratories, we work from the fundamental belief that it is our honor and our responsibility to strive for excellence as human beings and as a company: to live by ethical principles and to set ourselves always on a path of natüre, growth and learning in our ever-changing world. We also know that we are best positioned to do this when we have our feet well rooted in the environment of ancient traditions that humans have turned to for millennia: in the profoundly healing beauty of nature and the natural gifts of the botanical world.

Ömer Muhtaroğlu


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