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Sun Protection

How to Take Care of Your Skin Under the Sun

Skin Aging and Tanning:

Sun is perhaps the biggest cause of premature aging of the skin and hair. Natural UV radiation levels are increasing day by day. Combine this with our tendency to have an unbalanced sun tan that ages our skin prematurely, and this is a recipe for disaster.

Why Do We Get Tan?

Trying to protect your skin from the sun, you can injure your body. Tanning is skin darkening caused by a skin pigment called melanin. The darker melanin helps protect from UV damage by reducing UV penetration into your skin. In other words, melanin, which gets darker as it stays in the sun, tries to pass UV rays less and it succeeds as it darkens. The darkening process and the formation of melanin are stimulated by UV radiation from the sun.

High Risk of Skin Cancer

The biggest cause of skin cancer is sunburn. The highest rates of Melanoma are seen in non-native (immigrant) white-skinned races in countries such as New Zealand and Australia. Sunburn has long-lasting effects and more than 5 lifetime sunburn events significantly increase your chances of getting skin cancer. This is why it is especially important to protect children against sunburn.

Combating Argan and Micro-burn UV Damage:

Argan and Walnut Oil has a traditional reputation for use against sunburn. Studies show that this oil has a wound healing activity with special benefits for burns. Hawaiians use walnut oil to treat burns and skin irritations, whose benefits have long been known. It is known to be very good at healing wounds. It is known that it was also used to treat radiation burns caused by cancer treatments in hospitals in the Hawaii region.
Sunscreens - Good or Bad?

Sunscreen, suntan lotion and sunscreen solutions are chemical formulated lotions and creams used to reduce the amount of harmful UVA and UVB radiation reaching your skin. However, despite decades of training on sunscreen use, skin cancer rates continue to rise significantly. Some older (first appearing) sunscreens only blocked UVB rays, but blocking confused the body's natural defenses and allowed harmful UVA to cause serious damage. All modern sunscreens should offer UVA AND UVB protection. As a natural skin care laboratory, we always recommend that natural oils be used intensively during sunbathing and holidays, with or without sunscreen.


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