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Medical Terms L-Z

What is LABIL? : Unstable, quickly changing.

What is LACTATION? : Breastfeeding period of the mother.
What is LACRIMA? : Tear.
What is LACUN? : Small gap, hole.
What is LAGOFTALMIE? : The condition of the eyes not closing properly due to the defect in the eyelids.
What is LAP? : It is a shortened form of lymphadenopathy. Lymphadenopathy means enlarged lymph nodes.
What is LAPAROTOMY? : Opening the abdominal cavity for diagnostic purposes or surgery.
What is LAPAROSCOPY? : Endoscopic examination of the abdominal cavity with a device called laparoscope with a camera at the tip.
What is LARVA? : Caterpillar, maggot.
What is LARENKS? :Larynx.
What is LARYNGITIS? : Laryngeal inflammation.
What is LARYNGOSCOPE? : Mirror light instrument for examining the throat.
What is LARYNGOSCOPY? : Examination of the inside of the larynx with a laryngoscope.
What is LYMPHOMA? : It takes its beginning from lymphoid tissue.
What is LESION? : Generally speaking, the disorder has not yet been fully identified.
What is LIGAMENT? : It is the name given to the ligaments in various joints and organs of the body.
What is MACROSEPHALIA? : Head (brain) being bigger than normal.
What is MAGNET? :Magnet.
What is MALABSORPTION? : Absorption is impaired.
What is MALADİ? :Illness.
What is MALASI? : Discomfort, malaise.
What is MALARIA? :Malaria.
What is MALE? :Male.
What is MALFORMATION? : Imperfection, disability.
What is MALFUNCTION? : Inadequate or unstable function of any organ.
What is MALİGN? : Malicious, bad-tempered.
What is MALLEOL? : The name given to the bony protrusions on both sides of the foot joint.
What is MALLEUS? : Hammer bone in the middle ear.
What is MALNUTRITION? : It is a term that defines diseases caused by insufficient intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and similar substances that are essential for health.
What is MALPRAKTIS? : Wrong, sloppy treatment in medicine.
What is MASTECTOMY? : Surgical removal of the breast.
What is MAMİLLA? : Nipple.
What is MAMMOGRAPHY? : Breast film.
What is MANDIBULA? : Lower jaw bone.
What is MANI? : Psychic illness that appears in the form of extreme joy.
What is MANIFEST? : Obvious, not hidden.
What is MARFAN SYNDROME? : A hereditary genetic disease of unknown cause.
What is MARİHUANA? :Marijuana.
What is MASTECTOMY? : It is the removal of the breast due to any discomfort. Simple mastectomy is simply the removal of breast tissue. Radical mastectomy, on the other hand, is the removal of the muscles under the breast and the lymph nodes under the armpit along with the breast in cancer cases.
What is MASTITIS? : Inflammation of the breast, a common condition in breastfeeding mothers due to the accumulation of milk or cracks in the nipple.
What is MASTOIDECTOMY? : It is a surgery to remove the mastoid bone due to inflammation of the mastoid cells.
What is MASTOIDITIS? : It is the inflammation of the mastoid cells in the mastoid bone located behind the ear. It usually follows middle ear infections.
What is MAZOHİST? : Enjoying torture, sexual pleasure from acts of torture.
What is MENINGITIS? : It is an inflammation of the meninges.
What is MENOPOZ? : No menstruation.
What is MENSTRUAL? : Related to menstruation, about menstruation.
What is the MENSTRUAL CYCLE? : Menstrual periods, between two.
What is MENSTRUATION? : Menstruation, per month. (periodic bleeding in women)
What is MENTAL RETARDATION? : Retarded intelligence development.
What is METASTASIS? : The name given to the metastasized lesion. (Tumor formation jumped from another organ)
What is METASTASIS? Cancer cells in any organ spread to another part of the body.
What is MITOSIS? :Cell division.
What is myoma? : It is a benign tumor of the uterine muscle.
What is MUCOLYTICS? : It means that it dissolves mucus. In other words, drugs that reduce the consistency of the mucus (sputum) that is formed in the lungs and is difficult to remove due to its hardness, and enables it to be removed.
What is MUKOZA? : The tissue layer that covers the inner surfaces of some organs and produces secretion.
What is NARCO ANALYSIS? : The use of a narcotic drug to aid psychoanalysis.
What is Narcolepsy? : Tendency to sleep too hard to avoid.
What is NARCOS? : It is the numbing of the senses, movement and consciousness by giving narcotic substances through the vascular or respiratory tract to perform surgery.
What is NARCOTIC? : Sedative, drugs.
What is NARCISM? : It means self-love. It actually constitutes a normal stage of development, but its presence in later life is considered abnormal.
What is NATAL? : Nativity.
What is NASAL BONE? : Nasal bone.
What is NAZOFARENKS? : The area where the back of the nose and the pharynx is adjacent.
What is NATRIUM? :Sodium.
What is NATUREL? : Normal, sure.
What is NAUSEA? :Nausea.
What is a NEBULIZER? : The tool for applying the liquid by spraying it.
What is NEONATAL? : It belongs to the newborn.
What is NEOPLASIA? : Pathologically new tissue formation.
What is NEUROLOGY? : Asabiye, nerve diseases.
What is NEUROSURGERY? :Brain surgery.
What is NODULE? : Round pathological formations less than 1 cm in diameter.
What is OBDUCTION? :Autopsy.
What is OBESITY? :Fat.
What is OBESITY? :Obesity.
What is OBJE? : Anything that can be seen or touched.
What is LENS? : Can be heard, seen, understood.
What is OBLITERATION? : Blockage of body cavities.
What is OBSERVATION? : Observing.
What is OBSESSION? : Permanent anxiety, fixed mind, neurosis.
What is OBSTRUCTION? : Obstruction, obstruction.
What is OBSTETRIC? : Birth information.
What is AUDIOGRAM? : It is the recording of the hearing power of the ear, measured by an audiometry device.
What is the OEDIPUS COMPLEX? : The boy's jealousy of his father due to his unconscious closeness to his mother and the related mental disorders complex.
What is ODONTOID? : Tooth shaped.
What is OPHTHALMIC? : It belongs to the eye.
What is OPHTHALMOPLEGIA? : The picture that occurs with the drop of the eyelid and the inability of the eye to move as a result of paralysis of the nerves of the eye.
What is OPHTHALMOLOGY? : A branch of science dealing with eye and eye diseases.
What is OPHTHALMOSCOPE? : An instrument used in intraocular examination.
What is OPHTHALMOSCOPY? : Examination of the inside of the eye with an ophthalmoscope.
What is an OPHTHALMOLOGIST? : Ophthalmologist, eye specialist.
What is OPHTHALMIC TONOMETER? : Measurement of intraocular pressure.
What is OKKULT? : Confidential, closed.
What is OCCLUDE? : Closed, blocked.
What is OKSIPUT? : The back of the head.
What is OKULOMOTORIUS? : It is one of the nerves that move the eye. (3rd head pair Nervus Oculomotorius)
What is OCULAR? : It belongs to the eye.
What is OLEKRANON? : The bulge in the elbow.
What is OLFAKTORYUS? : Olfactory nerve. (Nervus Olfactorius)
What is OLIGURIA? : Urine extraction less than normal
What is OLIGO? : Back, small.
What is OLIGODENDROGLIOMA? : Malignant tumor of the supporting tissue of the nervous system, especially seen in the cerebellum.
What is OLIGOSPERMIA? : Less spermatozoids in semen than normal.
What is OMENTUM? : Formation in the abdomen that covers the intestines.
What is ONANISM? : Self-satisfaction by playing with the genital organs.
What is ONCOLOGY? : Branch of science related to tumoral formations.
What is OPAQ? : Dull, non-transparent.
What is OPERABLE? : Can be operated, who still has a chance to be operated on. (otherwise; inoperable)
What is OPERATION? : Surgery, surgery.
What is OPIATE? : Opium drug, drugs.
What is OPISTHOTONUS? : In some diseases, the body is contracted, taking the form of an arc, as a result of stretching the extensor muscles of the body. (Eg. In Tetanus)
What is OSTEOGENESİS? : Bone formation, bone development.
What is OSTEOGENESIS IMPERFECTA? : A hereditary disease characterized by the brittle bones breaking easily.
What is OSTEOGENIC? : Bone maker.
What is OSTEOID? : Like bone, bone like.
What is OSTEOLYSIS? : Decay, necrosis, melting of bone.
What is OSTEOMALACIA? : A disease characterized by softening of bones.
What is OSTEOMYELITE? : Bone inflammation.
What is OSTEOFIT? : Pathologically occurring protrusion-like formations in the bones.
What is OSTEOPLASTY? : Surgery to correct the defective bone or replace it with intact bone.
What is OVOBLAST? : The cell in which the egg develops, the egg cell.
What is OVOCITE? : Female sex cell before maturation period.
What is OVULATION? : It is the release of the ovum (egg) in the ovaries in women. Ovulation is usually in the middle of menstrual periods 11-14. It happens between days.
What is PAYMENT? It is the accumulation of abnormal amounts of water in the body. It may be a symptom of heart, vascular and kidney diseases, as well as serious consequences in some allergic conditions and brain traumas.
What is ÖSTAKİ PIPE? : It is the name given to the path that connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx and balances the atmospheric pressure with the middle ear pressure.
What is ESTROGEN? : It is a hormone secreted from the ovaries and promotes the development of secondary sexual characteristics in humans.
What is euthanasia? In short, it can be called the right to death. It is the permission of the patient to die by a painless method in chronic diseases that cannot be cured.
What is ÖZEFAGUS? : It is the name given to the esophagus, connecting the pharynx and stomach.
What is PAKI MENENJIT? : It is the inflammation of the outermost membrane of the brain (dura mater).
What is PANDEMIA? : It is the name given to the spread of an epidemic disease over a wide area at the continental level.
What is PALILALIA? : It is a psychological disorder and it is the repetition of the same sentence or word many times.
What is PALLIATIVE? :Palliative.
What is PALPATION? : Examination by touching it.
What is PALPITATION? : Heart palpitations.
What is PALSY? : Stroke, stroke.
What is PAN? :All.
What is PANARTERITIS? : An inflammatory condition involving all arteries.
What is PANKARDIT? : Inflammation of all the membranes of the heart.
What is PANKREAS? : It is an organ located in the upper part of the abdominal cavity and in the front of the lumbar vertebrae. It helps digestion function with its secretions and regulates blood sugar.
What is Pancreatitis? : Pancreatic inflammation.
What is PAN OFTALMI? : Inflammation of all layers of the eye.
What is PANSINUSITIS? : Inflammation of all facial sinuses.
What is PAPILLOM? Benign tumors that protrudes like nipples.
What is PAPILLOCARCINOMA? : Malignant papilloma.
What is PAPAVERINE? : An alkaloid derived from opium that has the effect of resolving the spasm of smooth muscles.
What is PAPILLITE? Edematous inflammation of the place where the optic nerve enters the retina (optic papillae).
What is PAPUL? : They are lesions on the skin with clear borders, raised, with a diameter smaller than 1 cm.
What is MONEY? : Besides, burn. Ex. (Near the para-aortic aorta)
What is PARAKARDİAK? : Next to the heart, next to the heart.
What is PARALYTICS? : Paralyzed, paralyzed person.
What is PARALYSIS? :Paralysis.
What is a PARAMEDIAN? : Near the midline, close to the midline.
What is PARAMEDICAL? : Medical to some extent, partially related to medicine.
What is PARANAZAL? : Near the nasal cavity, adjacent to the nose.
What is MY PARANCH? : It is the tissue of an organ or gland. For instance, when to mention about liver parenchyma, all the liver is understood.
What is PARAESOPHAGEAL? : Located next to the esophagus (esophagus).
What is PARAPLEGY? : Failure of both legs from the waist down, paralysis.
What is PARAPAREZI? : Partial paralysis of both legs below the waist, eg. movement and not having enough strength to walk without assistance.
What is PARATHYROID? : The name given to the four small glands behind the thyroid gland.
What is PARATHYROIDECTOMY? : Surgical removal of parathyroids.
What is PARATRACHEAL? : Located next to the windpipe.
What is PARAVERTEBRAL? : Located next to the spine (Vertebral Column).
What is the INTERFERENCE? : The presence of parasites in the blood.
What is PARASITE? :Parasitic.
What is PARACENTESIS? Puncture surgery to remove fluid from a body cavity that has accumulated water or pus.
What is PARENKİM? : Organ's unique tissue structure.
What is PARENTERAL? : Administration of drugs or serums by intravenous route, intramuscular route, not oral.
What is PARESTHESIA? : Sensory disturbances such as numbness, tingling or burning sensation.
What is PARIETAL BONE? : The name given to the bones on both sides of the skull.
What is PAROXYSMAL? : Coming in sudden and temporary crises.
What is PARONYCHIA? : Nail bed inflammation, tangling.
What is PARTIAL? : Not wholly, incomplete, partial.
What is a PARTICLE? : Particle, particle.
What is PARTUS? :Birth.
What is PAROTIS CLOTH? : Under-ear salivary gland.
What is PAROTITIS? :Mumps.
What is PATELLA? : Knee cap bone.
What is PATOGEN? : Disease-causing substance or microorganisms.
What is PATHOGENESIS? : The basis and development of the disease.
What is PATHOGNOMONIC? : A very specific symptom for a disease, such as that disease must come to mind if there is one.
What is PATHOLOGICAL? : Abnormal, sickly.
What is PATOLOG? : A person dealing with science who studies the changes in tissues due to illness.
What is PEDIATRICS? : Medical branch dealing with pediatrics.
What is a PEDIATRIC? : Pediatrician.
What is PELVIS? : Pelvis.
What is PENIS? :Male sexual organ.
What is PERITON? : It is the membrane that surrounds the intra abdominal organs and covers the inner face of the abdominal cavity.
What is PERITONITE? : It is inflammation of the peritoneum.
What is PERORAL? : Orally.
What is PETEŞİ? : Bleeding in the form of spots on the skin. (Out of vein blood)
What is PHENOTYPE? : The outward appearance of the person's hereditary structure, all of the visible features that determine members of the same species.
What is PITYRIASIS? : It is a skin disease that is mostly located on the trunk and the parts of the limbs close to the body and sometimes shows dandruff. There are various types, among them, PITYRIASIS VERSICOLOR becomes more prominent in the sea seasons because the sick area does not receive sunlight.
What is PLAK? : Plaque is a term that has a clear meaning for dermatologists but is not generally understood by others. Its footprint is large relative to its height and has a sharp edge. Plaques are most common in psoriasis (psoriasis).
What is PLEVRA? : The membrane covering the lungs and the inner face of the rib cage.
What is PLEVRAL? : It belongs to the pleura.
What is PLEASE? : Pleural inflammation. Fluid accumulation between the pleura covering the lung and the two pleural leaves covering the chest wall.
What is PLÖRİT? Dry inflammation of the pleura without accumulation of fluid.
What is POLIKISTIK? : It is the name given to a large number of fluid-filled formations in some organs. Like polycystic kidney, polycystic breast.
What is POLİP? : Small benign petiole, originating from the layer called mucosa covering the inner face of organs and body cavities.
What is PROSTATE? : A gland belonging to the genital system under the bladder and at the beginning of the administration route in men.
What is PROSTATITIS? : Prostate inflammation.
What is PSORIASIS? It is popularly known as psoriasis. It is a symmetrical, red, crusting and scaling skin disease that is common, especially in the knees and elbows and other parts of the body. The cause is unknown.
What is PULMONER? : Lung or lungs.
What is PULMONARY ARTERY? : Large nourishing artery of the lung.
What is PUSTULE? : Puffy lesions on the skin with pus.
What is RABIES? :Rabies.
What is RADIUS? : It is the bone on the outside of the forearm (on the thumb side)
What is RADİKAL? : Causal, rooted.
What is RADICLE? : Thin branch, small root.
What is RADICULITE? : It is the root inflammation of the nerves (spinal nerve) coming out of the spinal cord.
What is RADICULOPATHY? : Any disease involving the spinal nerve roots.
What is RADIOACTIVE? : It has the feature of emitting radiation.
What is RADIODERMATITIS? : Dermatitis of irradiated skin.
What is RADIOLOGY? : In general, it is a branch of medicine that provides diagnostic services using X-rays, sound waves or other methods.
What is RADIOTHERAPY? : Treatment method using irradiation.
What is RAHIM? : Uterus, uterus.
What are rickets? : It is a disease in children caused by vitamin D deficiency. Deformities occur in long bones in neglected cases, whose treatment is delayed due to incomplete bone formation.
What is RAYNAUD? : It is a disease of unknown cause, mostly seen in middle-aged women. It is a vascular disorder characterized by bruising and numbness of the fingers, especially when exposed to cold.
What is REFRACTION? :Break.
What is a REFRACTOMETER? : A device measuring visual impairments.
What is REGENERATION? : Renewal and repair of a dilapidated tissue.
What is REJİONAL? : It belongs to a region.
What is REGRESSION? : The regression of a disease symptom, the decrease in its severity.
What is REGURGITATION? : The return of eaten food and drink to the mouth without vomiting.
What is REHABILITATION? : Correcting physical movement flaws, regaining.
What is RELAXIN? : Hormone that occurs during pregnancy and plays a relaxing role in birth function.
What is REMISSION? : Fading of the symptoms.
What is RENAL? : Kidney related.
What is RENAL ARTERY? : Kidney artery.
What is REPRODUCTIVE? : Can reproduce.
What is RESPIRATION? : Breathing, breathing.
What is a RESPIRATORY SYSTEM? :The respiratory system.
What is RETENTION? : Accumulation, gathering. (E.g. Urinary retention; retention of urine, inability to urinate.)
What is RETICULAR? : Like a network, in a network format.
What is RETINA? : The innermost layer of the eye, the retina.
What is RETINOIDS? : Retinal inflammation.
What is RETROBULBAR? : The back of the eyeball.
What is RETROBULBAR NEURITIS? : An inflammatory condition of the visual nerve at the back of the eye characterized by sudden vision loss.
What is RETROGRESSİVE? :Regressive.
What is RETROPERITONEAL? : Behind the peritoneal membrane.
What is RETROVERSİ? : An organ not in its normal position but in a backward inclination.
What is REVASCULARIZATION? : Re-vascularization.
What is RESECTION? : The removal of part or all of an organ or body part.
What is RESIDENCE? : Residual balance.
What is RESIDUAL? : Remaining, increasing. (Eg. Residual Urine; The urine that cannot be removed after urinating.)
What is REZISTAN? : Tough, resistant.
What is RESISTANCE? : Resistance, strength.
What is RESORPTION? :Absorption.
What is SAFRA? : It is a greenish-brown liquid secreted by the liver. Bile is a secretion that is partially used for fat digestion and partially a disposal product formed as a result of the destruction of old red blood cells.
What is SAFRA BAC? It is a bag-shaped organ located in the lower part of the liver where the bile secreted from the liver is collected.
What is SAK? : Pouch, bag.
What is SACCULAR? : It looks like a pouch, like a bag.
What is SAKRUM? : Coccyx.
What is SACRALIZATION? : The name given to the union of the fifth lumbar vertebra and coccyx. It is a structural difference.
What is SACROILIAC JOINT? : The joint made by the sacrum and hip bone on the right and left.
What is SADISM? : No sexual pleasure in hurting others.
What is SADİST? : A person who enjoys torturing someone else.
What is SAGITTAL? : The plane that separates the body from the middle to the left, right.
What is SALICYLIC ACID? : A substance that has antipyretic effect and is used in the production of aspirin.
What is SALMONELLA? : A type of bacteria.
What is SALPİNKS? Tuba uterina: Tubes located on both sides of the uterus and ovaries, which are on the right and left. Clogged tubes cause infertility.
What is SALPENGIT? : Inflammation of the tuba uterina.
What is SEDATION? : Calming the patient.
What is SIMPLEX? : It consists of a single item, simple, plain.
What is Sinusitis? Sinusitis: Inflammation of the mucosa that covers the inner face of the bony cavities in the face, called sinus, and the collection of pus in the cavity.
What is SYROS? : It is the name given to the formation of fibrous tissue characterized by hardening and scarring in an organ. However, this term is almost always used for chronic liver inflammation related to the liver's inability to do its job.
What is Cytology? : Cell science.
What is SCOLIOSIS? Deformity characterized by right or left curvature of the spine.
What is STERNUM? : Bone of faith.
What is SUBCARINAL? : Under the hull. (Karina: The name given to the place where the Trachea is divided into two)
What is SUBPLEURAL? : Below the pleura.
What is MILK DIAPER? : Milk producing glands in the breast tissue.
What is TABES DORSALIS? : It is the name given to the picture that presents with imbalance, difficulty in walking and visual disorders due to nervous system involvement in the advanced stage of syphilis.
What is THALAMUS? : It is the name given to a core group in the midbrain.
What is THALASSEMIA? It is an inherited blood disease. It is more common in those living on the Mediterranean coast.
What is TAKIPNE? : Very rapid breathing.
What is TARTAR? :Tooth stone.
What is TELANGIECTASIA? : Lesions caused by enlargement of capillaries, arterioles and venules that appear as red spots on the skin or mucous membranes.
What is TELECARDIOFON? : Device that makes the heart sounds away from the patient.
What is TELEPATHY? : Transfer of thoughts in a way above these senses without interfering with the five senses.
What is TEMPORAL ZONE? : Temple area.
What is TENDINIT? : Tendon inflammation.
What is TENDON? : Structures that allow muscles to adhere to bones.
What is TENESMUS? Painful urination or defecation sensation seen in inflammatory conditions of the rectum or bladder.
What is TENYA? : Gut parasite, stripe, flatworm.
What is TESTOSTERONE? : The name given to the male sex hormone.
What is TREMOR? : It is the name given to unwilling tremors. For example, tremors with fine amplitude in the hands in the condition called Hyperthyroidism (overwork of the thyroid gland) are called tremors, and the rough and large-amplitude tremors seen in Parkinson's are called tremors.
What is THROMBUS? : It is the occlusion of blood vessels by forming clot or atheron (cholesterol) plaques.
What is ULNA? : It is the one inside (on the side of the little finger) of the two bones of the forearm.
What is ULTRASOUND? : Sound waves of high frequency that the human ear cannot hear. Ultrasound.
What is ULTRASOUND? : Images obtained by using ultrasound. It is an effective examination method used in the pre-diagnosis of many diseases, but mostly in the examination of organs such as the abdominal organs where sound waves can pass easily.
What is ULTRAVIOLET? : Ultraviolet rays with wavelengths between 2000-4000.
What is UTERUS? : Uterus, uterus.
What is UTERUS BICORNIS? It is a term meaning that the uterus has two horns.
What is UVULA? :Uvula.
What is ULCER? Broadly speaking, they are chronic wounds that leave the skin or submucosal tissues open.
What is ULCERATIVE COLITIS? Chronic inflammation and ulceration of the large intestine and rectum.
What is UREMIA? : It is the state when the rate of urea in the blood is above normal.
What is URETER? : It is the tube that connects the kidneys with the urinary bladder and provides the transport of urine to the bag.
What is URETHRA? : The name given to the urinary tract after the urine bag that allows urine to be expelled.
What is URETHRITIS? : It is an inflammation of the urethra.
What is UROLOGY? : It is the branch of science that studies diseases related to the urinary tract and reproductive system in women and men.
What is a URTIKER? : It is a condition characterized by skin rashes and itching as a result of sensitivity.
What is PRODUCT? :Pee.
What is UROGENITAL? : Regarding the genital and urinary system.
What is UROGRAPHY? : It is the filming of the kidneys, urinary bladder and urinary tract at certain time intervals by giving contrast material intravenously. It is a diagnostic procedure about the urinary system.
What is VAGOTOMY? : It is the cutting of one of its branches in order to eliminate the effect of the vagus nerve.
What is VAGUS? Nervus Vagus is the tenth cranial nerve, after leaving the skull, it gives branches to the stomach, part of the intestinal system, heart and lungs. It is a nerve that plays an important role in the functions of these systems.
What is VAJEN? : Female genitalia.
What is VAGINITE? : Vaginal inflammation.
What is VAKSIN? :Vaccine
What is VARIS? : It is the enlargement of the veins carrying dirty blood due to functional disorders or an obstacle in front of the blood flow.
What is VARICOCELE? : Varicose veins inside the bags as a result of the enlargement of spermatic cord veins in men.
What is VASCULITIS? : Vascular inflammation.
What is VASODILATATION? : Vascular enlargement.
What is a VASODILATOR? : Drug, substance with vasodilating effect.
What is VASOCONSTRICTION? : Shrinkage, contraction of the vessels.
What is VASOCONSTRICTOR? : Drug, substance with vascular constricting effect.
What is VASOSPASM? : Vascular contraction, contraction.
What is VEGETARIAN? : Can not eat herbal food, meat.
What is VEN? : Veins that carry dirty blood to the heart.
What is VERTİGO? : Generally speaking, it means dizziness, sense of movement. However, dizziness associated with low blood pressure is not included in this scope. The feeling of dizziness in conditions such as labyrinthitis, inner ear inflammation, Meniere's disease is called Vertigo.
What is VITILIGO? : It is a skin disease and is characterized by loss of color (pigment) in various parts of the body, white spots separated from normal areas with sharp boundaries.
What are FOREIGN BODIES? : Any substance that is not normally found in a particular part of the body is a foreign body. These are particularly common in children, intestines, ear and nose. Foreign bodies that are swallowed can get stuck in the esophagus or can be dangerous, so they sometimes need to be surgically removed.
What is FAT EMBOLI? : It is a complication that can be seen in large bone fractures. Some of the fat in the bone marrow is released and the oil drops get into the bloodstream and cause vascular occlusion.
What is OILY DEGENERATION? : Most common in the heart, liver and kidneys. In these organs, cells lose their ability to function normally, and fat particles accumulate in them.
What is false pregnancy? : Despite all the signs of pregnancy, the uterus is empty. This is called a false pregnancy. It is of more psychological origin.
ZAR: It is the general name of the macroscopic or microscopic size, more or less differentiated or complex structure, wide and flat layered formations in anatomy.
What is ZATURREE (PNEUMONIA)? : Inflammation of the lung tissue. Although it develops depending on various factors, it is a term that refers to acute or subacute disease pictures usually caused by primary or secondary microbial factors.
What is WEAKNESS? : The person's body weight is lower than the normal values ​​calculated according to his age, gender and height.
What is POISON? : Any substance that causes chemical or biochemical damage to cells and living tissues. The most typical feature of the poison is that it shows this harmful effect even in the smallest doses.
What is POISONING? : General term describing the symptoms that occur when a poison is absorbed into the body. With relatively small amounts of chemical or biochemical action, the venom causes a disease or death that can vary in duration and weight.
What is INTELLIGENCE? : The ability or power to use all elements of the mind for the purpose in order to find appropriate solutions by meeting new problems.
What is INTELLIGENT DISABILITY? : Slow mental development. It is seen in people whose mental development is interrupted due to the mental deficiency that is born or occurs in infancy.
What is INTELLIGENCE AGE? : A measure that expresses mental competence with skills specific to a particular age group, determined by intelligence tests in psychology and different from the calendar age.
What is ZIGOMA? : The face area in the lower and lateral parts of the eyes, corresponding to the cheekbones.
What is ZIGOT? : The cell formed as a result of the union of the spermatozoa with the egg during fertilization.
What is ZONA? : Virus disease that also causes chickenpox. Herpesvirus.
What is ZOOFIL? : A mild affective disorder characterized by extreme fondness for animals. It is usually seen in people who are overly emotional, obsessed with support, and who have not been able to provide this support normally (singles, couples without children, etc.).


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