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Dyed Hair

Hare Lightened Hair Care Secret #1: Use a Safe Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry and Colored Hair.

This first secret may seem obvious to you, but we put it first because it is crucial to achieve healthy looking hair. In the long run, you will need to use the right shampoo and conditioner to maintain your new color and help protect your bleached hair from damage.
Conditioner and/or hair care oil are an essential part of properly moisturizing bleached hair. So do not be deprived of this foundation. Replace your conditioner with Hare Argan Hair Care Oil / Serum once or twice a week and give your hair extra love by intensely nourishing your hair.
For those who do not have blonde hair but still use bleach to get another hair color, try Shakira Collagen Keratin Hair Care Refresher Spray. This product is formulated with collagen and keratin. It deeply shapes and strengthens brittle strands. It also protects and repairs strands from environmental damage and daily color aggression. Change your conditioner once or twice a week with Shakira Collagen Keratin Hair Care Refresher Spray. This hair care spray works to intensively repair damaged split ends and strengthen hair.


Hare Bleached Hair Care Secret # 2: Use Deep Conditioning Products for Extra Care

Although shampoo and conditioner are a basic care needed for bleached hair, you will be surprised to see how deep conditioning can change your hair. This in-depth hair treatment provides a more thorough treatment for your hair strands and provides you with permanent moisture. Consider trying Shakira Beauty Fast Revitalizing Deep Care Hair Spray, which is formulated with a conditioning serum, antioxidants, pomegranate, keratin and collagen and works in just sixty seconds. Turn this into your routine over your regular conditioner to get moist, silkier and shinier hair. Plus: It will also help you develop and revitalize your new hair color.


Hare Bleached Hair Care Secrets # 3: Dry Care Shampoo and Fight the Paddy Look

Bleached strands can tend to become paddy or brassy in an undesirable way after a while. Fortunately, you can do the warm tones with the help of black shampoo. Shakira Collagen Keratin Dry & Damaged hair shampoo for Colored Hair is our best shampoo for bleached hair. It preserves the vitality of your hair between coloring sessions. For best results, do not neglect the deep conditioning products.

Hare Bleached Hair Care Secrets # 4: Reduce Water Temperature

It feels very enjoyable in the shower and bathing, but it can strip your hair (and skin) of natural oils, which can cause fading and dryness. Stay on the safe side and reduce the water temperature in the shower and bath.

Hare Colored/ Lightened / Bleached Hair Care Secrets

Hair color is useful for adding vitality to your image, but a wrong step in the application and hair care process can damage your hair strands. Although there are application mistakes that come to mind first, it is also possible to find yourself with hair damaged by bleaching. Whether you are dealing with dry and brittle hair strands or hair breakage; handling them can be frustrating. For this reason, it is important to apply the right hair care routine to get our image back in shape. We provide you with information on how to care for bleached dyed hair, including the best shampoo for colored hair and other products to revitalize your hair.

What Happens When Bleaching / Lightening Your Hair?

Let's first determine exactly why bleached hair needs special care. We are not against dyeing your hair, actually it is good to dye the opposite. But doing this requires you to adjust your hair care routine a bit. Our experts widely confirm that bleaching your hair can free your hair from its protective fibers and oils. This will expose you to have a hair that is more sensitive and prone to dry and damaged.
Hair bleach must reach deep into the hair shaft to serve the purpose of removing color, so it can also cause thinning of the shaft. Again, the result here is a hair that is more prone to damage. That's why it's so important to get information on how to properly care for bleached hair.

Does Bleaching Your Hair Damage Permanently?


If you are wondering that bleach will damage your hair forever, you don't have to panic. There will be no long term effect. However, bleach-damaged hair requires extra intense care and periodic care. It is also important not to let the damage grow over time. If your ends are badly damaged, you will likely need to have your hair cut. As your new hair grows, you may have roots that you need to deal with and want dye, but it makes more sense to protect your hair strands from damage and start over.

How to Care for Hair Damaged by Lightening / Bleaching?

Now that you understand better about the damaged hair, it's time to act. Consider our seven secrets below to help you learn how to properly care for bleached hair.

Hare Bleached Hair Care Secrets # 5: Use a Pre-Styling Thermal Protector Spray

This tip applies to all types of hair. Because using hot tools without a heat protector is an invitation to damage. Failure to do so can also cause your hair color to fade prematurely. Whatever hairstyle you are about to create, start with Heat/Thermal Protection Spray before heat styling. In addition to providing 400+ degrees of heat protection, it makes the shine permanent and soothes frizz.

Hare Bleached Hair Care Secrets # 6: Apply a Treatment Regimen

If you haven't noticed, let's underline, hair damaged by bleaching needs all the moisture (hydration) it can take. Once your wash session is complete, you will want to apply a hair care treatment that will help keep your damp hair strands moist. For soft, shiny and light strands, try Hare Organic Argan Oil Serum that moisturizes and nourishes your hair. Apply a small amount of product to your damp hair, working towards the ends without rinsing. Style your strands as you wish. You can also use this cure as a pre-shampoo treatment or as a finishing oil after.

Hare Bleached Hair Care Secrets # 7: Protect Your Hair from the Sun

 According to experts, the sun can make hair weak, brittle and dry, and this is especially true for bleached hair. If you plan to spend a long time outdoors, bring a wide-brimmed hat and look for shade as often as possible.


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