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Hare Argan Oil

What is Hare Organic Argan Oil?

Hare Organic Argan Oil is a 100% pure oil whose benefits for skin and hair have been discovered worldwide in the last 20 years. Since 2012, Hare Organic Argan Oil is the brand name for genuine ultra virgin oil produced by cold press for fine cosmetic grade use from Argan (argania spinosa) tree fruits grown in semi-desert climate within the northwest Africa region. Original Hare Organic Argan Oil, which does not contain any additives such as colorants, preservatives or essences, is 100% pure special argan oil produced for cosmetic purposes and is offered to our valued customers with high quality and efficiency standards. Naturelim Laboratories produces Hare Organic Argan Oil in its Turkey premises; that is the first laboratory who owns pure argan oil organic production certificate in his name by Ecocert (Ecocert, 2012).

Discover Your Natural Beauty with Hare Organic Argan Oil Serum!

* Hare Organic Argan Oil Serum with its natural anti-aging (anti-aging) and natural anti-wrinkle effect miraculously reduces the signs of aging and provides moisturization in the skin. It provides protection of the skin from the sun in daily life.

 * Hare Organic Argan oil helps your hair to remain naturally healthy and strong while protecting it against cold weather conditions.
 * Protects your skin against cold weather and external factors, it is effective on some skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.
* Hare Argan Oil developed to prevent and reduce stain formation helps to close the cracks.
* Hare Organic Argan oil helps to renew the cell structure and gain elasticity by revitalizing the skin.
* Hare Organic Argan Oil surprisingly reduces active spots and visible marks.
* Hare Organic Argan oil, which is very beneficial on the skin, makes your hair shine and gain a natural shine, helps hair growth and elimination of fractures.

Use organic argan oil for your hair:

Apply once or twice a week for healthy and strong hair that shines. Apply a small amount of oil to your scalp with your fingertips, and apply the argan oil you take in your palm on the hair from the outside. Cover your hair with a warm towel for 15-30 minutes (it can stay overnight). Dry your hair by washing it with shampoo.
Those with hair loss, dandruff and dry scalp should take care to massage their scalp with argan oil. After washing, rub the ends of your hair with argan oil on your palm.


Use as a Natural Moisturizer:

Apply a few drops of organic argan oil to your cleansed face and neck area in the morning and evening with a circular massage. If your skin is oily, moisten it with argan oil before going to bed in the evening. Use morning and evening on dry skin.
You can also use it for eczema and psoriasis with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Use as a body care oil:

Apply to your body after bathing. It is a great and easy natural care method to keep your skin firm and moisturize without creating an oily appearance.

Body fracture prevention for pregnant women:

Argan oil, which is a high source of natural vitamin E, is very effective in preventing and reducing birth cracks. When the abdominal area starts to expand, start the application and immediately feel its magical effect.


Natural Cosmetics with Organic Argan Oil certificates in their own name, produced the first and only company in Turkey. In Turkey by Ecocert Organic Argan Oil, Natural Cosmetics quality and useful products that only cosmetics manufacturer of the Natural and Organic Ecocert certified production license certificate and continues to offer you.
Hare Organic Argan Oil is completely pure. Make sure that the argan oil you bought is absolutely organic and ask for its certificate.


Contains 100% pure organic argan oil.


Apply a small amount of Hare Organic Argan oil to your skin with a circular light massage. You can also apply topical applications to hair follicles and tips.

Use it for you and see its amazing results with your own eyes.
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It is golden reddish yellow color and odorless smell must be sensed in  Pure Organic Argan  Oil. Special cosmetic cold press organic argan oil, which can be used for both hair and skin, is for cosmetic purposes and is very different from the cheap edible argan oil of food grade and yellow color, pay attention to cheap-priced oils because these oils are not suitable for cosmetic use in terms of health.

Hare Organic Argan Oil and Argan Oil Women's Cooperatives Project

For every drop of Hare Organic Argan Oil you have bought, you donate to support sustainable living conditions for poor Muslim women living in Morocco and cooperative women working in organic argan oil production. Our contributions to social responsibility projects aimed at supporting women around the world continue.


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