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High blood pressure or hypertension rarely has obvious symptoms. However, if left untreated, it increases your risk of serious problems such as heart attack and stroke.
Nearly a third of adults have high blood pressure, one in Turkey, but most will not be aware of.
The only way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked.
What is high blood pressure?
Blood pressure is recorded with number 2. Systolic pressure (higher number) is the force your heart pumps blood to your body.
Diastolic pressure (low number) is the resistance to blood flow in blood vessels.
Both are measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).
As a general guide:
High blood pressure is considered to be 140/90 mmHg or higher (or 150/90 mmHg or higher if you are over 80) ideal blood pressure is generally considered to be between 90/60 mmHg and 120/80 mmHg.
Blood pressure readings from 120 / 80mmHg to 140 / 90mmHg could mean you're at risk of developing high blood pressure if you don't take steps to keep your blood pressure under control.
Everyone's blood pressure will be slightly different. What is considered low or high for you may be normal for someone else.

High blood pressure risks

If your blood pressure is too high, it puts extra pressure on your blood vessels, heart and other organs such as the brain, kidneys, and eyes.
Persistent high blood pressure can increase your risk of a number of serious and potentially life-threatening health problems, such as:
.Heart disease
.Heart attack
.Heart failure
Peripheral artery disease
Aortic aneurysms
Kidney disease
Vascular dementia
If you have high blood pressure, lowering even a small amount can help reduce your risk of these health conditions.

You can control it

There is a huge number of games in the summer of this year. This is a 40-year-old one-year-old in 5 years. It is very easy to find a car and a car. Aşağıdakiler dahil çeşitli yerlerde tansiyonunuzu test ettirebilirsiniz:
We have to keep track of the number of times that we have a control. Ayrıca bir ev tansiyon aleti ile tansiyonunuzu kendiniz de kontrol edebilirsiniz.
There is a risk of arthritis at all
There is no need to pay any attention to any of these activities.
There is a risk of a risk disorder in the future:
Fazla kilolu iseniz
I will not be able to help you in the morning.
Yeterince exercises are available.
Shock with alcohol (or other caffeine with coffee)
Look at the cigar
Fazla uyumama veya rahatsız uyku
You are 65 years old
There is a lot of fun in the summer
In the summer, the swimming pool is located in the middle of the swimming pool.
Yüksek tansiyon tedavisi
The doctor, the teacher of the school, said:
I love you


In the morning, it will be too late.
Tedaviye karar vermenize yardımcı olması için doktorunuzla konuşun.
I don't want to go to any other place.
You can read this article, but you can also read the following stories:
You are in the middle of nowhere and you are in the middle of the day.
Get drunk
You have a lot of weight
Düzenli exercises
Caffeinated food
I was looking for a cigar
There is a lot of fun to be heard in this school.


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