As we all agree, 2020 was a tough year. But we all learned and adapted to our new “normal”. We came out stronger than ever! As we say goodbye to 2020, we welcome 2021 with all the new beauty trends.

Skin Care and Makeup Trends

Clean and transparent skin care will be very fashionable this year. As consumers, we have become more health conscious and have started to read the ingredients. We realized that there are many unnecessary things that are not needed. Clean beauty has been around for ages, and these brands know the importance of good ingredients and sustainable sources.
Transfer-proof makeup will take over 2021 as face masks are still a part of our daily lives. Liquid lipstick in particular is making a big comeback this season. Consumers are looking for products that will last all day without worrying about coming off their face masks.
Bright eyeliners, bold lips and pink blush are also making a comeback this year. Colorful shirts will be one of the biggest trends of this year. Bringing an 80s feel with all the feel-good hues and textures like matte, shimmer, chromatic and glossy is fair game for the New Year!
The one thing everyone's talking about this year is bold lips, and that trend is here to stay. Keep highlighting a feature when pairing it with a bold lip so your lips are the center of attention!
There are so many pink blushes this year too! Pink blush is the perfect choice when you want to look fresh and will help give you a more youthful and feminine look.
While makeup will be a big part of some of us, some of us will take on "no makeup". People embrace their natural skin with light concealer products like tinted moisturizers or light powder foundations. People lose a complex makeup routine to embrace beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through.
Now that we have closed our skin, eyes, lips and blush selections; What's the trend for your eyebrows? Brushed, soft and textured eyebrows are very easy to achieve. Puffy eyebrows not only complete the no-makeup look, they also look great with thick lips and minimal face makeup.

Hair Care, Cut and Color Trends

For starters, shaggy haircuts! This '70s-inspired cut plays with layers, texture, and works well with all hair types. Fewer curlers and messier hair will be the trend this year.
Low maintenance hair care is the trend of 2021. But that doesn't mean you have to give up your hot tools, if you like the bangs look then you do! Don't be afraid to give your hair a break by letting it air dry and embracing your natural texture. Add braids to this list as they're on their way back! Creative knitting styles are low-maintenance and eye-catching.
Raise your hand if you've thought about cutting your own bangs while you're stuck indoors this year and go full throttle. The good news is the classic style is officially back. Curtain bangs with more texture and less length are a style that will really stand out this year. Soft face-framing bangs seen online, starting at the cheekbones and splitting in half.

Here is the good news ponytail and house bun :) are the trend this year. But accentuate this casual look with accessories! Crystal hairpins, big hairpins and extra large barrettes will make your hair look cool