Benefits of Using Hair Oil and Hair Serum

It should be known that hair oil and hair serum have separate benefits. Both have benefits depending on your hair type and needs.

Are Hair Serum and Hair Oil the Same Thing?

Of course no. Hair serums are used to give your hair a superficial care and instantly give your hair a soft texture and shine. On the other hand, hair oils are used to nourish and shape your hair from the inside. The texture of your hair becomes softer and shinier after a series of treatments.

When applied at the right time, in the right way and in the right order according to your hair type, you will visibly feel the benefits of using both hair serum and hair oil for your hair. Most hair serums are silicone-based solutions. Due to their hydrophobic nature, these silicones accumulate in your hair, making your hair greasy and heavy. That's why it's best to choose silicone-free hair serums. Herbal serums enriched with natural essential oils can be used on all hair types.

People with dry scalp and hair should opt for heavy oils like coconut oil for deep nourishment. People with oily scalps should opt for light oils such as jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

-How Does Hair Serum Benefit Your Hair?

The main purpose of the serum is to make your hair more manageable.

2.It covers your hair superficially and does not penetrate the hair much.

3. With hair serums, it becomes easier to comb and untangle your curly hair.

4. Hair serums give your hair instant shine with a silky touch from the outside.

5.Hair serums are resistant to moisture, heat, air pollution, etc. It acts as a protective layer against environmental factors such as

6. Using a hair serum will make your hair soft.

-How and According to What You Should Choose Your Hair Serum

-If you have dry and frizzy hair, use aloe-vera, rosemary, chamomile, etc. You should choose serums containing moisturizing herbs such as

If you have hair with split ends, you can choose a hair serum rich in keratin protein.

- For chemically treated hair, we recommend choosing a serum containing green tea.

- If you're someone who stays in the sun too long, herbs like lavender are good for your hair serum.

-How to Use Your Hair Serum

After washing your hair, you need to apply the serum to your damp hair. Take a few drops of serum and gently massage it from the middle to the ends of your hair. Avoid applying serum to your scalp. You can use your hair serum 2-3 times a week after washing your hair.

-How Does Hair Oil Benefit Your Hair?
1. Hair oils enriched with essential vitamins and minerals support nourishment for your hair. It repairs and revitalizes your hair.
2.Oils help strengthen your hair follicles, thus minimizing your hair loss.
3. Hair oils solve your dryness and frizz problems by shaping your hair deeply. Oiling your hair naturally softens your hair.
4. Massaging your scalp with oils accelerates blood circulation. It gives soft texture, shine, strength and thickness to your hair throughout its use.
5.Results are long lasting.
-How to Use Your Hair Oil
Rub the hair oil into your scalp thoroughly. Gently massage your scalp for 2-4 minutes using your fingertips. Do this application at night before going to bed and wash your hair when you get up the next day.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Warm your hair oil before applying it to your scalp and hair. This will increase the capacity of your hair oil to penetrate deeper tissues.
Can Hair Serum and Hair Oil Be Used Together?
Ideally, you should oil your hair before washing it and apply a hair serum after washing your hair. However, if you have extremely dry or frizzy hair, you can apply a small amount of oil after applying hair serum to lighten your hair comfortably.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use too much oil as it will attract dust and dirt when you go out.
Everyone wants long, beautiful, shiny, voluminous and well-groomed hair. We wanted to help you with this article for the first steps of this. We wish everyone a beautiful and healthy life.