Drying Methods Without Harming Your Hair

One of the most important things that show a person is their hair. Of course, it is possible to fight and get rid of brittle and lifeless hair. Remember, if you do not dry your hair well, you can burn your hair and break your hair. Now we will look at ways to dry your hair without damaging it. Let's look at how to dry your hair without damaging it with the right tools and the right techniques.

1. Hair Dryer

The first and most important issue is that you got out of the shower or washed your hair, while your hair is completely wet, don't directly hold the blow dryer and start drying it immediately. If your time is limited, dry your hair gently with a towel without pressing too much. If you are at home and have time, comb your hair first and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. If you hold the blow dryer on your hair while your hair is wet without drying it, it will cause your hair to swell suddenly and get tangled, especially for long hair.

2. To Protect Your Hair

Do not expose your hair to excessive heat, this is an important element of protecting your hair. Do not neglect to use natural and protective products. For example, you can use natural argan oil shampoo while taking a shower. You can nourish your hair with natural argan oil right after the shower, before drying your hair while it is damp. This will also allow you to move much more comfortably during both combing and drying. It does not tangle your hair, does not fluff, minimizes electrification and ensures easy combing.

3. Avoid High Heat Settings

It is very easy to overdry your hair, but it is very damaging to your hair. Do not operate your hair dryer and hair straightener at the highest setting and do not process your hair, and never have this done in hairdressers or beauty centers. Especially when you are getting ready in the morning, if you are going to process your hair, run your hair straightener at the lowest level while you are doing your morning routines (sink, hand and face wash, etc.), let your straightener warm up and then give your hair the shape you want.

4. Considerations When Drying Your Hair

When using a hair dryer, it is important to know the right way to dry your hair. Divide your hair into sections and dry each section separately. Thanks to this separation process, your hair will not get tangled, it will not electrify, and it will also help to reduce the drying time as you divide your hair into sections. Do not leave your hair damp, do not forget to dry it completely. This is very important for your hair health.

5. Using the Right Drying Tools

Each hair dryer has its own characteristics. We recommend that you do not use a tool that does not come from the machines you purchased. Do not use the titles of your previous machine on the machine you just bought. This may damage your hair, please avoid it. Do not use attachments that are not supplied with the blow dryer you are using. They may be a little pricey, but be sure to buy a professional hair dryer for hairdressers.

We recommend you to pay attention to these fine details in order to achieve a natural look, beautiful, shiny and clean hair. We wish you healthy days.