Hair Care in Seasons

Hair loss may occur during seasonal changes. These are the side effects of the weather. During the transition of seasons, your hair may become thinner, its roots may become weak, and shedding may occur by breaking off. We would like to talk about what should be done to reduce the problems related to your hair during these periods;

The two most important things you will do for your hair are your cleaning and care routines. Every person's skin is of a different type. Skin experts do not recommend the same things to everyone when it comes to cleansing. So a cleaning routine that works for someone else may not work for you. Washing your hair every other day is considered ideal especially for autumn and winter months.

Since you take a shower very often during the summer months, your hair may be worn out more during these months. Therefore, if possible, take care to wash it every two days in the summer. If you take a shower more than once during the day to cool off, especially in summer, do not wash your hair every time. You should use a shampoo suitable for your scalp and use a conditioner suitable for your hair.

As the summer months end and fall, you can choose moisturizing masks that will strengthen your hair. Because in the summer, your hair will be worn out due to the heat, sea water and pool water. You should not forget to take your precautions to prevent these wear and tear. When you buy the masks, you should pay attention to the instructions for use and you should definitely get information.

Dry scalp causes dandruff. This causes the dry hair to fall out and especially the split ends of the hair. Identify the problem with your hair and take measures accordingly. If you ask what is the most basic care for hair, we should say that you should cut your hair regularly.


How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be experienced excessively during seasonal transitions. Weather changes and skin regeneration are among the most important reasons. Especially the sun rays affect our hair as much as our skin, and the process for hair loss begins. In addition, stress, dietary habits, air pollution and other environmental factors cause hair loss. So what should be done to reduce hair loss;

Do not neglect your cleaning and maintenance.

-You should care for your scalp and hair strands with appropriate care products.

-You should gently massage your scalp with the inside of your fingers. (Never use your nails)

You should consume foods containing zinc and iron. It is necessary for the strengthening of your hair.

It is that simple to reduce hair loss caused by seasonal changes and to have lively, strong and healthy hair. Of course, if hair loss does not decrease despite these precautions, and even if it increases, we recommend that you consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible.

We wish you healthy days…