Hair Care Recommendations for Summer

The sun is very valuable and very necessary for us. However, especially in summer, the sun can damage both our skin and hair. Of course, sea and pool water are also harmful to our hair. Salty and chlorinated water can damage our hair.

Experts say that the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause the hair shaft to burn. Sun-related hair damage is most common on dyed hair. Electrification and discoloration of the hair may occur. We should also say that non-dyed hair is affected by the damage that may occur from the sun. Sun rays dry the hair and can create roughness in the smooth layer of the hair shaft.

If your hair has started to become very electrified, it is because the dried hair absorbs the extra moisture in the air. This causes swelling of the hair shaft and breaks in the cuticle structure. As a result, your hair becomes frizzy and electrified.

In summer, only the sun does not damage our hair. Swimming in the sea or pool damages our hair. Chlorine in pool water strips hair of natural oils. For example, your blonde hair may turn a greenish color after the holiday. This is because of the copper molecules that bind to the protein in the hair fiber and the chemicals in the pool water. The salt in sea water causes your hair and skin to lose water and moisture. This can damage your hair. Because of these, you are likely to return from summer holidays with dull hair.


With a little extra care in the summer months, you can extend your hair healthily and protect it against harsh weather conditions. The best solution is to start by cutting your hair at the beginning of the summer months. You can find a nice model to get rid of your split ends and renew your style. Of course, you may need a haircut again in the middle of summer. Hair grows much faster during these months. The reason for this is that in late spring and summer, the hair is in the anagen (growth) phase.

We need to protect our hair from the damage of the sun's rays. For this reason, if you have to stay in the sun for a very long time, we recommend that you wear a hat. The hat not only protects your hair strands, but also protects your scalp and face from damage.

Before entering the sea and the pool, you should wash your hair with clean water. Because wet hair does not absorb a lot of salt water and pool chemicals. Likewise, after getting out of the sea or pool, you should wash your hair and rinse the chemicals accumulated in your hair.

When the weather gets warmer, we take more showers to combat both the heat and the humidity. Therefore, your shampoo and conditioner choices should not change suddenly and should be suitable for your skin type. You should choose products that nourish and repair your hair. At least two or three days a week, you should keep your hair away from blow dryers, tongs and straighteners. It is necessary to rest your hair, it is much easier for the hair that is treated every day to wear out.

If the skin is sensitive after exposure to harsh environments or on its own, your skin needs the appropriate product. Hare Argan Oil is non-comedogenic and formulated without fragrance, essential oils, dyes or drying alcohols. It protects your skin from external influences, heals and moisturizes it. Hare Argan Oil keeps your skin moist for up to 24 hours and provides permanent moisture. We recommend you to use Hare Argan Oil Shampoo as it has all these protective ingredients.

We wish you healthy days…