How Do Weather Conditions Affect Our Skin?

The skin, which can be dehydrated in the face of cold and harsh weather in winter, may experience the same problem in summer due to factors such as the sea and the sun. Taking measures to cope with the negative effects of weather conditions on the skin and creating appropriate care routines are of great importance for an ideal appearance. Otherwise, the skin may be vulnerable to external problems and this may invite other skin problems.

What is the Effect of Weather Conditions on the Skin?

As the weather conditions change, the temperature and humidity of the air also changes. This exposes the skin to different problems that develop due to weather conditions. Problems such as increased sebum production and sun-induced blemishes may occur in the skin, which is most likely to encounter problems such as lack of moisture in cold weather.

-The Effect of Cold Weather on the Skin

The most common problem caused by cold weather on the skin is that it significantly reduces skin moisture. The skin, which is constantly exposed to harsh and windy weather, may experience skin dryness due to the decrease in moisture content. In addition, exposure to cold-hot transitions and indoor environments is among the important factors that disrupt the balance of the skin and reduce its moisture. As a result of all these, dull appearance, loss of elasticity and early signs of aging may begin to occur on the skin.

-The Effect of Hot Weather on the Skin

Hot weather can have a significant impact on the skin, just like cold weather. Among the conditions caused by hot weather on the skin, problems such as moisture loss, the appearance of spots caused by the sun, excessive lubrication and skin problems due to oiliness come to the fore. Not taking precautions against the problems that may develop on the skin due to weather conditions can cause long-term problems. However, it is necessary to take precautions against the effects of weather conditions and protect the skin.


-The Importance of Skin Cleansers for Reducing Oiliness in Hot Weather

Due to the increasing temperature and humidity in the summer months, the most oily skin and related problems occur. Because when sebum and sweat, which is a result of hot weather, are not completely removed from the skin, it leads to clogging of the pores. If this situation is not controlled, different problems may occur due to oily skin. Skin cleaning, which is important in every season, should be done properly and routinely in summer as well.

-The Importance of Moisturizers Against Dry Skin in Cold Weather

We said that the biggest problem caused by cold weather on the skin is moisture loss. Loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkle appearance, which are among the factors of skin dryness, clearly reveal that the moisturizing step in skin care is not applied properly and the moisture content of the skin decreases. For this reason, it is very important to increase the moisture content of the skin, especially in cold weather. Otherwise, in addition to short-term problems, early signs of aging may begin to occur on the skin, which is sensitive due to cold weather.

Why should sunscreen be used in all seasons?

Sunscreen is essential for both summer and winter months. Especially in summer, the use of sunscreen should not be overlooked. In the summer months, when we are in contact with the sun a lot, it can cause the appearance of dark spots on your skin caused by the sun's rays and cause early signs of aging. In addition, our skin can become quite sensitive in cold weather. Sensitized skin, on the other hand, is more quickly affected by harmful sun rays and environmental conditions. Thanks to the sunscreen you will apply in winter, your sensitive skin can be protected more and you can prevent possible dark spots, and you can also get maximum efficiency from the moisturizers you apply. Because using sunscreen in winter also helps to provide more effective protection by trapping the moisturizer you apply to your skin.


Why Should We Moisturize Our Skin?

Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in skin care. The use of moisturizer can have effects in many areas, from having an even-toned and smooth appearance to the skin, to delaying the appearance of signs of aging. For these reasons, moisturizers are the most important among the indispensables of skin care routines. But the importance of the humidifier is not limited to these.
-How to Tell If Your Skin Is Moisturized Enough?
Whether the skin has sufficient moisture level or not may vary according to many details such as diet, water consumption, environmental conditions and use of moisturizer. If you are eating a balanced diet and consuming the required amount of water throughout the day, you will have fulfilled the first condition. However, these alone are not enough for the skin to have the ideal moisture level. In addition to your daily habits, the moisturizing products you will use will also be extremely effective in increasing the moisture content of your skin.
If the top layer of your skin scientifically has about 10 to 20 percent moisture, this indicates that you have moist skin. However, it is not possible to determine this ratio except in clinical conditions. For this reason, you need to observe closely to understand whether your skin has sufficient moisture level.
-What are the Consequences of Not Being Moisturized Enough?
If you are experiencing problems such as loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, it can be said that you have a dry skin problem. Since the skin constantly needs moisture, it constantly works to provide it. This can result in excessive sebum production. Due to the production of sebum, an oily appearance may occur on the skin over time. If your skin does not have enough moisture, your skin may be dry and you may experience problems related to lubrication.

Why Should You Moisturize Your Skin?
So, what are the benefits of moisturizing your skin, let's take a look at them;
1-Reducing the Feeling of Tension and Increasing Flexibility
If the skin is not sufficiently moisturized, it may lose its elasticity over time. In addition, the feeling of tension that develops due to lack of moisture in the skin can only be reduced by applying a moisturizer. At this point, since the skin of men can be exposed to various irritations, especially during shaving, they definitely need moisturizing after shaving. In this way, the feeling of tension on the skin can be reduced.
2-Minimizing Skin Dryness
Long-term lack of moisture can cause premature aging symptoms on the skin if not prevented, as it leads to loss of elasticity in the skin. For this reason, minimizing skin dryness is of great importance for a skin that always looks moist.
3-Reducing the Appearance of Aging Signs
Among the most important effects of adequately hydrating the skin is reducing the appearance of signs of aging. If you do not moisturize your skin enough, the deficiencies that may arise can cause the appearance of wrinkles to reach an irreversible size. One of the most important products you will need while fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is anti-aging care creams.