Information About Age Spots

Aging can cause different problems in our body, both internally and externally. Visible differences may occur, especially in the skin and skin. Age spots may appear in visible areas of the skin. These spots may increase and enlarge with age.

The main reason is known as aging, but these spots can be seen for different reasons. Spots in red or brown tones can be seen on the skin. Age spots may be more prominent in people with fair skin tones. It is more common in sun-exposed, hand and face areas, and these can cause loss of self-confidence in people. The spots begin to become clear, especially after the age of 40-45. Of course, these spots can also be seen in younger people. Age spots are not harmful and do not pose a health problem. The only troublesome aspect for people is that it spoils the appearance of the skin in terms of aesthetics.

Causes of Age Spots

It occurs as a result of the body producing excess melanin with advancing age. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color. If you are exposed to the sun too much, age spots can appear at an earlier age and more. Your body starts to produce more melanin to protect your skin from the sun's rays. This excess production of melanin also causes darkening and staining.

Genetically, it means that if one of your family members has these spots, you may also have them. However, this is not a certain situation, you may not experience it. If age spots occur suddenly and very intensely, this may also be caused by the effect of internal organ diseases. If you experience such a situation, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Taking care of your health from an early age is always the most important issue. Since regeneration will slow down with advancing age, your body renews itself more difficult in every aspect and you will have a more difficult recovery period. In order to have a healthy and happy old age, you should always pay attention to your care and health.

There are different methods for the treatment of age spots. The most important issue here is that you do not take any action on your own and only take the treatment method recommended by your doctor, not with the advice of others. Because what is a suitable treatment for someone else may not be suitable for your skin. These treatment methods include cream treatment, chemical peeling, laser treatment and cryotherapy treatment.

Please take your treatment under the control and supervision of your doctor.

We wish you healthy days…