Information About Hair Loss

Every person wants their hair to be thick and healthy, but this is not true for every person. Hair loss is an extremely uncomfortable condition for men and women. In this article, we would like to give some information about hair loss caused by different reasons.

In hair loss seen in men, there is generally more thinning than women, and even almost all of it can be lost. In men, the hair starts to fall out starting from the top, while in women, shedding may start from all parts of the hair.

Hair loss in women can be due to different reasons. The first and most common reasons for shedding are as follows; Frequent blow-drying, excessive use of straighteners, frequent dyeing, gathering the hair too tightly, lengthening the hair for a long time and washing it too often cause shedding. It may be a little easier to treat hair loss in women, but it is much more difficult to prevent hair loss in men.

As the hair gets longer, it starts to shed more. In this case, you should cut your hair in order to reduce the shedding. If the shedding continues when you cut your hair, there may be a problem with your hair follicles. If your problem is in the roots, it may not work for you to cut your hair, in this case, you can consult a dermatologist. Even if it is not completely prevented, hair loss can be reduced.

Hair loss can also be caused by hormonal reasons. For example; Causes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause can trigger hair loss. Especially during pregnancy, apart from hormones, vitamins and minerals that may be insufficient for expectant mothers can also cause hair loss. Since pregnant women share all the vitamins and minerals that enter their bodies with their babies, these vitamins and minerals may be deficient in their own body. This can cause hair loss and tooth decay for expectant mothers.


If your hair is exposed to cosmetic procedures too often, it can cause weakening of hair follicles and hair strands. The main reason for hair loss should be learned and solutions should be taken accordingly, so you can achieve more effective and permanent results. Experts say that it is normal for your hair to shed up to 100 strands a day. People who are treated for cancer may lose their hair completely during the treatment process. After the treatment, the hair returns to its original state.

Hair has a life span, it is born, lives and grows, then goes into a dormant period and then falls out. It is quite normal for this event to occur, but when these spills increase too much, there is a problem. You can take early precautions by consulting a specialist and save your hair by protecting it.

If your hair loss is increasing and you have too many treatments on your hair, you should take a break from these procedures. You should follow the results, if there is a decrease in your spills, this is a good sign. If there is no reduction, we recommend that you consult a specialist. You should choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully. If you do not have any discomfort, you can nourish the roots of your hair by taking care of it and help the dormant hair to regenerate before it dies.

Argan oil

Argan, one of the leading hair care oils of the last period, is used in hair care due to the Omega 6 and Omega 9, sterols, vitamin E, Feluric acid and strong antioxidants it contains. Applying to the roots of the hair or using products containing argan oil helps to nourish the hair.

We wish you healthy days…