Information About Percent Pores

Pores are actually beneficial for our skin. Pores allow the skin to breathe and are important tissues for skin health. Thanks to the pores, the skin shines, moisturizes and looks radiant. But if the pores are clogged, the problems start right here. Clogged pores enlarge, open outward and become prominent. Prominent and large pores are not liked by anyone.

Pores are spread all over our body. If the pores around the nose, cheeks and forehead appear larger than normal, this means that it has become a skin problem. Especially in oily and combination skin, the pores are enlarged due to the excess oil production of the skin. If not cleaned well, it can turn into blackheads and pimples.

In general, pore problems are seen in the face area. The reason for this is that the face area is the most oily, polluted and sebum-accumulating places throughout the day. So let's look at why the pores are formed;

-Incorrect Sunbathing

Especially in summer, unprotected sunbathing damages skin collagen and causes loss of elasticity. This enlarges the pores and can cause the skin texture to deteriorate.

-Genetic Factors

If there are people with large pores in your family, you should definitely use pore-reducing and pore-tightening products from the age of 20. Please note that it is suitable for your own skin type.

-Age Factor

Skin cells begin to lose their elasticity over time and cause the pores to expand. For this, you should use products suitable for your skin type.

-The Importance of Your Skin Type

Especially if you have oily and combination skin, you should use products suitable for your skin type for your clogged pores.

In addition, periodic changes can cause excessive oiliness of the skin and large pores. Hormonal changes can cause pores to enlarge and enlarge. You should definitely remove your make-up and do skin care. If you are experiencing excessive sweating, this means excessive sebum production. This can also cause the pores to expand. If you are experiencing excessive sweating, we recommend that you see a specialist doctor. Improper nutrition triggers the formation of pores. In particular, you should avoid fast food, fried and excessively fatty foods. Everyone knows their own body, especially when you are malnourished, you will see that your pores are more prominent.

Exfoliating at regular intervals cleans your pores and makes them appear more frequently. You should exfoliate as regularly as possible, this can tighten your skin and make your skin look smoother. Do not avoid cleaning your skin with tonic, especially if you have oily skin, make sure to clean your skin with toner once a day. This will help tighten and shrink your pores.

We wish you healthy days…