Tips for Healthy and Young Skin

Skin is the largest part of the body. When it's healthy, its layers work hard to protect us. But when compromised, the skin's ability to function as an effective barrier is impaired. Therefore, there are various ways to improve skin health to support it to maintain its protective role.

The skin has many functions. The most important role of our skin, which has both high level and multi-tasking in our body, is to be the first line of defense between our body and the outside world. It protects us from bacteria, viruses, pollution and chemicals that we encounter at work or at home.

Skin experts say the best way to keep your skin healthy and looking young is to protect yourself from the sun. However, not smoking is one of the most important issues. Of course, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizer will always be good for your skin.

Tip #1 for healthy skin: Sun protection

UV exposure not only increases a person's risk of skin cancer, but also affects elastin in the skin. This leads to wrinkles, sun-induced skin aging such as skin and blotchy pigmentation.

Studies on aging skin show that most of the changes seen in the skin are due to excessive sun exposure. It is very important for you to apply the following three methods to protect yourself from the sun.

Avoid the sun at noon: The sun's rays do the most damage between 10:00 and 16:00. Therefore, limit the time you spend outside during this period if possible.

Wear protective clothing: wear long-sleeved shirts, trousers and a wide-brimmed hat. Note that tightly woven fabrics (e.g. denim) offer better protection than loosely woven fabrics such as knits.

Use sunscreen: Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) higher than 15 and apply it to your skin about 20 minutes before going outside. Then reapply every two or three hours. You will need to apply more often if you get into the water or sweat a lot.


Tip #2 for healthy skin: Don't smoke or drink alcohol

Studies show that smoking alone ages the skin. Smoking is known to reduce the skin's natural elasticity by promoting the breakdown of collagen, reducing the amount produced. Collagen, a protein that helps strengthen the skin, gradually breaks down with age, leading to wrinkles. Smoking causes this to happen sooner and also causes the small blood vessels in the skin to tighten. This reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that skin cells receive and accelerates aging. Exposure to heat from burning cigarettes is said to damage the facial skin and cause wrinkles on the skin of smokers.

Drinking alcohol can dehydrate your body and skin, causing the skin to look old and tired. Therefore, if you are drinking alcohol, drink plenty of water and consume alcohol in moderation. Take care to drink non-alcoholic beverages such as soda and fruit juice so that your body does not become too dehydrated while drinking alcohol.

Tip #3 for healthy skin: Cleanse your skin regularly

Remove your makeup before going to bed. Because make-up prevents your skin from breathing and harms your skin. Cleaning is an important part of skin care as it removes dirt and bacteria. Whenever possible, wash your skin with lukewarm water, even in the shower. Too much hot water is not good for the skin. Use mild soaps, especially if you have sensitive skin. Avoid irritating additives such as perfumes and dyes.
Stay away from stress. It has been observed that stress increases the amount of sebum, the oily substance that clogs the pores. This can cause more acne breakouts.
Tip 4 for healthy skin: Quality Sleep
Sleep is essential for healthy skin. Insufficient sleep causes your skin to look tired and old, especially with under-eye bags. Insomnia can make you irritable, anxious and depressed. However, a bad sleep can damage your skin over time. If you have a sleep problem, prepare yourself for a comfortable sleep by doing sports such as yoga, swimming and jogging. Do not eat heavy meals before going to bed. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime. It may be easier for you to fall asleep if a glass of linden or chamomile tea is drunk before bed. Ventilate your bedroom 5-10 minutes before going to bed. A ventilated, oxygen-rich and dark room will help you sleep.
Tip 5 for healthy skin: Shave carefully
Men may have to shave for work. Shave carefully, especially if your skin is thin, dry and sensitive. Never shave dry skin, remember to use a soap or shaving foam. Replace your razor or razor after each use and only you. Do not use someone else's razor and do not let someone else use the razor you use. After shaving, rinse your skin well with warm water and dry your skin with your own towel. Do not apply alcohol-based lotion to your skin immediately after shaving. It dries out your skin and may cause irritation.
You can use expensive creams, lotions, etc. to keep your skin healthy and youthful. You do not need to spend a lot of money on various cosmetic products such as, you can protect your skin with the above mentioned.
We wish you healthy days.