Ways to Maintain Skin Health in Summer

Due to high air temperatures and exposure to sun rays in summer, skin and general body health are adversely affected. Summer months are the periods when we need to protect our skin the most. It is necessary to pay more attention to skin health due to swimming in the sea and pool, taking frequent showers, the desire to tan and the risk of contagious skin diseases in common areas. Protecting your skin in summer has a special importance. Let's look at ways to protect your skin together;

-Do not stay in the sun between 11:00 – 16:00.

-Do not wear make-up when in the sun.

-Prefer tightly woven and light-colored clothing.

-Use sunglasses and a hat.

- The effectiveness of your sunscreen product decreases when you enter the sea and pool. This effect will also decrease during drying with a towel. Therefore, you should renew your sunscreen several times a day.

-Do not use oily products for skin care.

The light reflected from the sand, stones and sea surface at the seaside is also effective in the shade. Pay attention to sun protection measures, even if you are in the shade.

Prefer clean beaches and properly disinfected pools.


-Don't forget to drink lots of water.

- Staying for a long time in wet swimwear can cause vaginal and groin fungus to appear. Wear a dry swimsuit when you get out of the sea and the pool.

- Always take care to use your own personal belongings after the sea and the pool.

- Take a bath with clean water after the sea and pool. Don't forget to use your own personal shampoo, soap and washcloths.

- Moisturize your body with a body lotion right after the bath and your face with a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type.

- If you have dry, curly or dyed hair, do not forget to use conditioners.

- Nails that get wet and dry too often break easily. Nail polish and acetone also increase this effect. Keep your nails short, do not use nail polish acetone often, moisten your nails with moisturizers you put on your hands, and use products that harden the nails.

- If an allergy occurs due to the pool and sea, consult a specialist without delay.

-Apply sunscreen products recommended by your dermatologist according to your skin type on clean skin 30 minutes before going out into the sun.

If you follow what is written above, the summer months will be very good for you, both for your skin health and for your general body health.

We wish you healthy days…