Things to Know About Collagen Mask

Collagen is a protein that protects the body against internal and external factors, increases its endurance, and ensures that cells stay together in a healthy way. Collagen, one of the important proteins that gives flexibility to the body and skin, helps to obtain and maintain a healthy bone and muscle tissue.

Collagen lost with aging causes the skin to wrinkle. Therefore, it is very important to consume collagen-containing foods and to allow the skin to take collagen supplements. Collagen-containing moisturizing products can prevent the skin's collagen loss.

Collagen enables the joints, bones, ligaments and all tendons in our body to move and strengthen. It also constitutes 30% of all proteins in our body. The decrease in collagen, known as amino acids, is due to many reasons. Malnutrition, insufficient sleep, excess sugar use, stress, injuries, excessive sun exposure, sitting all the time, inactivity, not working well enough of the intestines, are factors such as vitamin C and zinc deficiency in the body. In order to eliminate these factors, we should pay attention to the foods we eat, consume foods containing antioxidants, not interrupt the exercises, and supplement the body with vitamin C and zinc.


Collagen mask is an anti-aging mask after regular application. While it tightens the skin, it also takes care of it. The collagen mask, which has become very popular lately, helps many people. Mask; it makes the skin tighten, maintain its tension and look younger. In addition, while increasing the elasticity of the skin, it also renews the skin tissues. Collagen mask is a supportive method to restore the vitality that the skin has lost over time. However, the collagen mask alone is not enough. It should definitely be supplemented with food.

The main goal of the mask is to improve the appearance of the skin by supporting the collagen that the skin cannot produce itself. Its effect is mostly seen on skin with many wrinkles. While some collagen masks provide a superficial effect, some mask types can trigger the skin's collagen production, allowing you to achieve longer-lasting results.

Masks that supplement superficial collagen may not produce the desired effect, since collagen molecules are large and do not descend to the lower layers of the skin. For this reason, before buying the mask, you should examine the features of the product and buy masks that increase natural collagen production.

We wish you healthy and beautiful days…