Useful Information About Making Detox

detox; It is called short-term processes applied to get rid of toxic and harmful substances in your body. The liver, lungs and kidneys already expel these harmful substances through sweat, feces and urine. However, detox can be applied to reduce heavy toxin intake due to unhealthy diet and environmental factors.

We should not forget that detox should be done under the supervision of a doctor. Unconscious detox can cause serious health problems.

-Toxic substances formed in highly heat-treated foods

-Chemicals, preservatives and hormones in industrial foods

-Cigarettes and alcohol

-Agricultural pesticides

-Environmental pollution

-Poor nutrition

The above factors can be resolved by the body, but when we are constantly exposed to it, our body begins to not be able to remove these toxins. That's why you need to apply a detox that suits you. Detox is not a weight loss method on its own. The main purpose of detox is to remove edema in the body. You may lose weight in the first days of your detox diet, but this is not permanent. In addition, detox diets for rapid weight loss can harm your body in the long run.

Habits such as sedentary life and bad eating habits, especially during the pandemic period, have negative effects on our body. So, why detox is done, to briefly talk about them. Headaches for no reason, pale and broken skin, fatigue, sleep disturbances and digestive system disorders. If you are experiencing one or more of these, you can do a detox under the guidance and supervision of your doctor. This will alleviate your problem and may lead you to a solution.

In most of the detox methods, it is aimed to take plenty of fluids. Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and water is a must. A bowl of yogurt should be consumed every day. Alcohol, cigarettes and coffee should be cut completely. Salt and sugar consumption should be reduced. Prepared foods should be avoided.

Detoxing strengthens your immune system. Thanks to detox, your organs will work as they should, so your organs will not have to work too much and get tired, as you remove toxins from your body. This will add energy to you and will strengthen your body's immune system.

Detox is very important for your skin health. If you have the opportunity and you do not have a health problem (such as blood pressure and heart), do not forget to add sauna and hammam to your detox program. Your skin will sweat, pores will open and excess toxins in the body will be expelled. Walking at a certain rate daily is a detox method.

With the removal of toxins from the body, your whole body, especially your intestines, will start to use oxygen more beneficially and will allow more oxygen to enter your body. You will feel your breath open and you will feel healthier.

There is no harm in detoxing with these rules and of course under the supervision of a doctor. We wish you a healthy and beautiful life.