What is Prebiotic and What are its Benefits?

Prebiotic, which is an effective substance in the work of our intestines, is responsible for the order in the intestines. It is used to activate the live microorganisms in the prebiotic intestinal flora, which is formed by non-absorbable fibers and helps the intestines to work better. If these living organisms are active, they are used for further movement of the intestines. This substance, which is responsible for the better functioning of the intestine, cannot be excreted by harmful microorganisms due to its durable structure.

The balance of the skin microbiome, which is an ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms that protect the skin's immune system, means that the skin is healthy. Many abilities of the skin, such as self-defense, repair and regeneration, depend on the balance of the functioning of this microbiome. Prebiotics work with probiotics, our immune system's first defense wall, to maintain this balance. Our skin takes the first contact with external effects, so the skin flora is the first most important barrier.

The difference between the words prebiotic and probiotic; one being the name of an organism, the other being the substance that feeds these organisms. Probiotics are living organisms that regulate the work of the intestines. These organisms, the majority of which are from the bacterial family, are very useful. However, some intestines may not have a suitable environment for these bacteria to live. In this case, probiotics do not die, they make themselves inactive and wait until the environmental conditions change. Due to their sensitive structure, they do not have the same effect on all types of metabolism. Due to their structure, they cannot live in stomach acid. Most of them settle in our body with food. But they die in stomach acid. Survivors stay in the intestines and regulate digestion. Probiotics are found in foods such as yogurt, kefir, sour cream, cheese.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are nutritional components that enable probiotic bacteria to work. Probiotics, which are inactive, start to work thanks to prebiotics. They do not have a delicate structure. They do not die in the mouth or stomach. They settle in the intestines and bring the inactive bacterial groups back to life.

What Are the Benefits of Prebiotics?

It ensures the removal of harmful substances in the intestines and the removal of harmful microorganisms from the intestine.

It regulates bowel movements and provides a more regular defecation process.

It helps to eliminate conditions such as constipation and diarrhea.

-Healthy intestines help the weight loss process.

-Helps to regulate the immune system. In this way, it provides better protection from diseases.

It reduces insulin resistance by limiting carbohydrate absorption. In this way, sudden hunger crises do not occur.

We wish you healthy days…