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Prepare Your Skin for Summer

2022 writing started knocking on our door. A little warm breeze on a sunny day will definitely give you a clue for the upcoming warm season. You definitely prep yourself with airy tops, undershirts, t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and many more summer outfits.

But are you also preparing your skin for this season? Are you starting to have broad spectrum sunscreen and wet wipes in your daily summer skincare wardrobe?
If you haven't already, you should start taking care of your skin according to your summer skincare routine. The pre-summer skin care routine keeps your skin calm and thin, protecting your skin from dehydration, excess sebum production, sunburn. You need a proper skin care routine for this.

The following skincare routine will definitely help you prepare your skin for summer:
Step 1. Drink water when you get up in the morning
Step 2. Moisturize Your Skin with Facial Cleansing Foam
Step 3. Facial toner should be applied
Step 4. Apply moisturizer according to your skin type
Step 5. Keep wet wipes in your bag
Step 6. Do not disrupt your nightly skincare routine
Step 7. End your day with water

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. Drink Water When You Get Up In The Morning

Drinking water on an empty stomach should be your priority. You can also choose warm lemon water instead of normal hot water as it will help detox your body and skin. Your skin will feel more energetic, fresh and rejuvenated. Detoxification helps you get rid of free radicals caused by sunlight, fluid retention from your skin and improves your skin's moisture, radiance and smoothness. Before summer is the best time to prepare your skin for future problems. After a glass of detox water, you can spend your day with water-soluble Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for summers. It helps protect the skin and body from the harmful effects of UV rays, strengthens the body immune system and helps protect the body from heat stroke and rash. You can also include foods rich in vitamin C in your regular diet.
Then you need to pamper your skin with some good skin care essentials. Let's explore what these are:

Step 2.Moisturize Your Skin with Facial Cleansing Foam

The next step is to clean and rinse the face to prepare for all daily tasks. This step is crucial to feeling fit and alert throughout the day.

A moisturizing foamy skin product embedded with hyaluronic acid, natural extracts and hydroxy acids would be an excellent choice to moisturize your face. This kind of product cleans your skin deeply but does not remove the necessary natural oils from the skin. Also, the foamy wash is mild and does not itch your skin. Generally, your skin feels refreshing after using this face wash.

Step 3.Face Toner Should Be Applied

Now balance your skin by applying a good face toner. Facial toner has tremendous benefits, such as helping balance your skin pH, retaining skin moisture and reducing excess sebum production. All this keeps your skin moist and fresh in the high heat of the upcoming hot season.

Step 4.Apply Moisturizer According to Your Skin Type

Now is the time to apply moisturizer. Most of us feel that moisturizer is not necessary during the summer months as our skin already produces a lot of sebum. However, it is very important to apply moisturizer during the summer months to control this excess sebum and keep the natural moisture intact.
It is imperative that you choose a moisturizer according to your skin type. Do your 'skin analysis' first and then choose the basics of your skincare. For people with oily skin types, a mattifying moisturizer will be the best choice; However, for people with dry skin type, an ultra-moisturizing moisturizer is the best option.
Also, avoid choosing heavy cream-based creams or moisturizers as this will only cause excess oil on your face, which will cause your skin to become suffocated and sticky.

Step 5.Keep Wet Wipes in Your Bag

Wet wipes are another important thing that you should always keep to yourself. It will help you remove excess oil and dirt from your face when you cannot rinse your face.
Remember that the wipes should not contain perfume and contain skin-friendly active ingredients.

Step 6. Don't Disturb Your Night Skin Care Routine

Night skincare routine is a must to take care of your skin in summer. Adjust your routine according to the weather. Start your nightly routine by cleansing your face with a mild cleanser. Next, apply a vitamin C serum on your face. This serum helps revitalize your damaged skin. Vitamin C serum has many benefits for the skin, including neutralizing free radicals, improving skin color and much more.
After applying the vitamin C serum, you should end your routine with a good night cream, argan oil, or moisturizer. You can also apply eye creams to rejuvenate the under-eye skin area.

Step 7.End Your Day With Water

When starting the day, end your day in the same way. Drink a glass of hot water or lemon hot water before going to bed. It will help remove toxins, rejuvenate the skin from the inside and remove dehydration, promote healthy sleep and keep the skin moist the next morning.
Also, make sure you have a balanced diet throughout the day to provide every essential nutrient for the skin.

Home Skin Care Tips In Summer:

Here are some skincare tips to add to your skincare routine to pamper your pre-summer skin. It will help your skin fight against hot summer days. Keep following these steps and add an extraordinary change to your skin.

1. What Should Be Applied To The Face In Summer?

In addition to managing excess sebum production, you should go for a moisturizing moisturizer that keeps your skin moist. Choose cleanser with salicylic acid, especially if your skin is oily.

2. How to Make Skin Care in Summer?

Drink enough water, fill your day with a glass of warm water, keep your diet light and healthy, and opt for summer skincare products that are light, non-comedogenic and non-sticky.

3.Which Moisturizer Is Best for Summer?

Ultra moisturizer is the best moisturizer in summer for people with normal to dry skin. On the other hand, a mattifying moisturizer is the best moisturizer in summer for people with oily or oily acne-prone skin.

4. Should I Use Moisturizer During Summer?

In the summer, extreme heat can draw water from your skin and cause your skin to become dehydrated. Moisturizer can help maintain adequate moisture levels in the skin, even in people with oily skin types.


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